Money Ceremony

Are you in pursuit of a false freedom?
March 28, 2022


A Ceremony is when I unite my action with my intention.

My intention is to bring conscious awareness to my relationship
with money. My experience of money has been, and will continue to be,
an extension of my perception of it. Money itself, is innocent.
As I take a deep breath, I acknowledge that by being aware, and choosing to
have a conscious relationship with money, my life is forever changed.


“The Old”
Find a quiet, private place. You may find that playing some “aggravating”
music is helpful, to stir things up. Find a black candle (black
representing death) and light it while writing your first letter. You will be
writing with your non-dominant hand to allow for the unconscious mind to
express itself. No need to read this offer, it is intended to purge and purify.

With my non-dominant hand, I will write a letter to money. I allow myself to
purge all of the blame, anger and disappointment, conscious and unconscious,
that I feel towards it. When I am complete – I will BURN this letter as a
symbolic representation of completion.

“The New”

Find a quiet, private place. You may want to play some peaceful, calming
music. Find a white candle (representing compassion and new beginnings)
and light it while writing your second letter.

With my dominant hand, I will write a letter to money, describing the type of
relationship I choose to have with it, from now on. I will keep this letter in a sacred
space where I can be re-minded of my new conscious relationship with money.

This is the foundation for me to define what Money means to me,
which will go in my personal dictionary.

Laura Fredrickson
Laura Fredrickson

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