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There has be in a long standing heritage in our feminine DNA that has had countless women sell out, diminish their own power and acquiesce to assuming roles that are inauthentic.

The most significant form of ‘energetic prostitution’ is in the dynamic that is prevalent with women who are in relationship with men because of money.

I am reflecting on my mother, who negated her own value and worth when she recognized the core mis-alignment in her relationship with my father but didn’t have the courage or confidence to honor her truth and intuition. She choose instead to stay in the relationship even though it wasn’t fulfilling because of a monetary promise my dad made, to take care of her financially.

I believe her Spirit died on that day, when she choose to negate her own path and inspirations and stay in a compromising relationship, for what was inevitably a fleeting sense of security and fulfillment.

Ultimately, she did take her own life in company with my father, because my father convinced her it was the only solution to their money issues.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, I would like to extend deep appreciation for the women who are brave enough to be sovereign, and set a new paradigm and energetic signature for relationship dynamic. Appreciating men, but not needing them and above all, being true to yourself and loving yourself purely, sanely, deeply.

Be Too Grateful To Be Hateful

Video Transcription

Hey Everyone,

I'm blessed to be back in Tulum, Mexico. Seaweed is plentiful, ocean is as beautiful as I remember it, and I just wanted to send this amazing, beautiful, peaceful vibe your way, and remind you the power of your attention, the power of your thoughts; not to be underestimated. Attend to your thoughts and your beliefs for they in turn become your reality.

Self Mastery

Now is the time for greater Self Mastery.

Life is dishing up
many contrasting experiences for you, for the purpose of informing your newfound “yes”. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how to work with this beneficial server and It’s intent in promoting your greatest fulfillment. After their contrasting experience, most will unconsciously continue to speak about what they didn’t like, and focus on what went “wrong”, which will create more of the same in a different package, courtesy of the magnetic Universe in which we live.

Through this newfound awareness, you have the ability to acknowledge aspects of your personal experience that are no longer serving you.   Your awareness is encouraged through an incredible mechanism called “contrast” which is intended to support your clarity, authentic desires and evolution.

After experiencing contrast in your life, you can use this gift by placing your attention on your newfound clarity – and focus more often than not, on what it is you ARE wanting moving forward. This will guarantee more of these experiences to come your way.

From this state of awareness, you can begin to deliberately decide to face ONLY the aspects of your reality that DO feel good, are life affirming and positive to you and no longer face aspects that are frustrating and unenjoyable to you.

This is the Ultimate form of denial, for in this Vibrational Universe, what you place your attention on will continue to show up in your reality. Facing love and facing appreciation, will surely promote more of the same.



In all great ages of times past, accounts of prolific heroes are found. Tales are told of incredibly courageous human beings, who challenged the powers to be and catalyzed a people to great change for the next chapter of human evolution.

This time is no different, but with an important and life changing distinction. We are no longer writing chapters, but rather a new book. The days of the hero have come and gone. We must now look within to find the great savior of humanity. We are the ones we have been waiting for and must truly be the change we wish to see in our world.

Many prophecies pointed to December 21, 2012 as the “End of the World”. But what did that really mean? With all things being energy, every end offers a new beginning…with every death, a rebirth and in our case an opportunity to create lives that are truly based in meaning, passion, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment.


Systems are crumbling, suicide is rampant, and disease is escalating. Millions of people have sacrificed their lives to catalyze a great awakening, should we choose to arise from our slumber.

We have initiated vast irritation – through pain and drama-­ for the purpose of greater alignment, ultimately. It is within the paradigm of contrast that we have experiences that are painful, for the purpose of revealing what we prefer. It’s as though in this human journey, we have to have amnesia in order to remember what we remember.

These experiences of pain and drama are cleverly disguised gifts for greater awareness, conscious choice and alignment (provided we know how to unwrap them) and the very impetus for our evolution into this next book of human experience. These dramatic and painful experiences are sponsors for us to realize our truest desires and are ambassadors for us to harness a newfound clarity, allowing us move in a heart-core conscious direction to create a thriving world that works for everyone.

When we get to the heart of the matter, literally, we can see that at the core of our being, we are desperately yearning to live the lives we were born for – lives that are based in authenticity, purpose, passion, prosperity and fulfillment. How we currently exist in the world is blatantly not working. We have been hostage to the psychological inheritances and energetic hand-me-down’s of a fear based culture, community and media for far too long. We have succumbed to the collective hallucination that our power, security and happiness resides in something or someone outside of ourselves.  The most prevalent hallucination is in the pursuit of money and “financial freedom”.

There is a profound invitation for each of us to arise from our unconscious slumber and step into our True power. This is the grand awakening of acknowledging that Source ~the life force itself and the life giving energy that is breathing us, beating our hearts and “life-ing” us ~ is flowing through us…as us. We are it! We are being given a potent chance now to intimately know and trust this internal and eternal power, and Its’ unwavering and beneficial effect in our lives.

Our experience here on Earth, which is grounded in a natural principle and Law, of what I refer to as the Law of Response that dictates that our reality – personally and collectively -­ is a vibrational reflection of our own perception. In this vibrational Universe, we are attracting based on how we feel. There is a gravitational pull to our consciousness.

As we each become more and more attuned to this intimate fact, we can begin to claim our individual power and use of our greatest commodity – our attention-­ to create a life that is truly valuable to us and to others. This is the essence of Free Will or often times “Free Won’t”.

The time has come for us to no longer seek peace and happiness outside of ourselves, for the “seeking” outside of ourselves implies that we feel a lack and incompleteness within ourselves, which will continue to perpetuate pain and drama in our lives.

It is time to become the final healer of our inner world and therefore our outer world, to dispel the greatest illusion of all time ~our powerlessness to create our lives in the way that we choose and our separateness from Source, the Ultimate hallucination.


As we step into this Era of personal empowerment we begin to recognize that our power resides in our attention and how we choose to perceive. When we choose to perceive through the lens of scarcity and lack we will create pain and drama. When we choose to perceive through the lens of appreciation and possibilities, we will create more to appreciate and infinite possibilities.

We are far overdue in claiming our birthright of abundance, authenticity, connection, creative expression, joy and ease. As we begin to recognize more fully the unique genius within each of us and have reverence for the Divine Creative Force that is Us, we step into greater awareness and Self-mastery.

It is from this place of sovereignty, that we are connected to our true essence, which will midwife into existence our New Reality.

We have had many evolutions around the Sun. I deeply bow in reverence to each of you, fellow travelers for being here at this pivotal time in our human journey. Thank you for taking your power back and for realizing that the only way to predict the future is to create it.

True Love


When we begin to enter into the domain of Self mastery and true sovereignty, and we Real-Eyes that our personal reality is informed ONLY by our perceptions – we can become LOVERS, in the purest sense of the word. We begin to LOVE for LOVE sake. We can relinquish any expectations of another to fulfill or satisfy us – because we understand to feel Love, Fulfillment and Happiness is, and always will be an INSIDE job – a Self Fulfilling Prophecy.
When we begin to understand the symbiotic nature of this vibrational paradise we live in – we Real Eyes that the Ultimate romance lies within. We can begin this courtship by placing our attention on what is vibrant and on what is thriving in our experience. We can begin the for-play of deliberately noticing where we are romancing and being romanced by Life itself. When we begin to deepen our understanding of our vital connection to this infinitely intricate web, we Real-Eyes that every relationship and experience is but an extension and an out picturing of the relationship we have with ourselves. We become liberated in this state, as we no longer need to rely on others to “change” so that we can be happy. We no longer have to subscribe to the “If then/When then” epidemic that something outside of ourselves would have to change for us to experience love. We become the love we wish to see in our world.


Life treats us the way we treat ourselves! Many people are pre-occupied with the notion that the best treatment of themselves is behavior based (yoga, smoothies, massage, etc). These choices are a step in the right direction- just not sustainable if they are not anchored in consistent, love based thoughts. This is the reason so many people vascilate in their ability to stick to their health based goals. Self love originates in thought and consciousness. From this state, we begin to understand that every THING and every ONE is an extension of our inner dialogue. If there is something that we witness that is irritating or challenging to us in another person’s behavior, it becomes an opportunity for us to redirect our thoughts and attention to gratitude and love for ourselves. For many of us, this begins with the profound and ever nurturing choice of acceptance of Self. You are either judging yourself or accepting yourself.

Begin here and expect the Ultimate Romance of a lifetime-where a myriad of amazing people, events and circumstance will begin to reflect for you a state of new found acceptance and love of yourSelf and where every day is Valentine’s Day. There is truly no greater love to be realized or felt, than you loving YOU!


Hitting the Wall…..Street

HItting Wall St blog photo

(How Losing Millions Gave Me the Richest Life Imaginable)

Today I want to talk about MONEY. 

About how we rob ourselves from the life we were intended to live – because of our flawed relationship to money.

We let MONEY run our lives.

I remember, as if it was yesterday, where I was in my life…. 

I had just lost both of my parents to suicide together, over their confusion over money.

In my own form of rebellion and state of grief, I started filling the void they had left, with WORK and MAKING MONEY. 

And MORE work and MORE money.

And MORE work. So I could make MORE money!

I believed that somehow, making more money would appease my sadness. That it would make my pain go away.

I started spending all of my time in my office, watching ticker symbols.

My life was all about productivity and making the next deal.

Before long, I started feeling a lot of anxiety and fear.

I was completely STRESSED about money. 

This worry took up the majority of my day.

The anxiety became so intense that I remember a few times literally banging my head against the wall and pulling my hair out.

The most ironic part of all this, is that I had inherited my parents’ estate and came into millions of dollars after their death.

That should have been enough….

Yet I chose to trade in the stock market (as my father had done) – and became caught up in mindless & heartless investments.

There was an energetic umbilical cord still attached to my father and his choices, and I’m sure a huge unconscious part of me that still wanted to make my dad proud.

My stress over money soon turned into an OBSESSION with making money, which turned into more stress and the need to make MORE money. 

Which created more of an obsession to make more money.   

I stopped spending time with my friends and lost touch with the people I loved.

I became isolated and spent most of my time in my office alone.

And then I began to REALIZE, that even with all of this money, I STILL wasn’t happy and was anything but secure. 


Because, I was basing my happiness and security on a LIE!!!!! 

The lie that I could achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM. 

I had bought into the cultural hallucination that having money would somehow give me a sense of freedom, security and fulfillment. 

What’s even more insane, is that I had grown up in an environment where my dad had lectured about Financial Freedom, for as long as I can remember.  He was in pursuit of the elusive “it” his entire life, and even after accumulated millions, was NEVER truly FREE and eventually took his life because of his relationship with MONEY. And yet, I was heading down the same path of self destruction.

I became afflicted with the “If/Then – When/Then” Syndrome…. 

IF I could just make X amount of dollars, THEN I would be secure.  WHEN I met my next goal, THEN I would be free to do more of what I wanted.  IF the stock market produced the ROI that I wanted, THEN I would be happy.

I was so focused on making a buck, yet I was killing myself.

I was on the fast track to being the RICHEST WOMAN IN THE CEMETARY.

Ben Franklin said  – “Most people die when they’re 25, but aren’t buried until they’re 75.”  I was definitely dead inside, going through the motions, waiting to be buried.

And then, the UNTHINKABLE happened!!!

The tech collapse happened, and I started losing money VERY QUICKLY!

I remember losing sometimes $75-100K in an hour! I felt completely out of control.

As the market collapsed, so did I.

Eventually I LOST IT ALL.

I didn’t know what to do. 

I felt completely and utterly HOPELESS!

In the blink of a few ticker symbols, I had lost EVERYTHING.

I was penniless and pointless, lying in a bed all day.

I was barely eating.

I was living in gorgeous home in Colorado, yet I didn’t even go outside because I was so depressed.

I was surrounded by so much beauty, yet none of it mattered because I was living in a prison of my own angst.

Soon, my home was in foreclosure and I found myself in an abusive relationship. 

Everything in my world was crumbling around me.

I decided I just couldn’t go on….

I had lost my will to live and decided I was going to kill myself.

But instead…

I reached out to a close friend, and decided to be vulnerable by telling her what I was feeling.

I was so humiliated and embarrassed but I managed to gather some courage and open up to her.

I let it all out.

This choice initiated one of the MOST LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS OF MY LIFE!

My friend looked at me with compassion and understanding. 

She looked beyond my words, beyond my fear and despair, to the truth of who I was. 

It’s very difficult for me to put into words the affect that this exchange had on me, so I’ll just say this….

I felt seen for the first time in my life and with that, felt a pin prick of hope in my heart. 

For the first time in my life, I caught a glimpse of a bigger picture. I began to sense that I was more than just a human being, and there was a point to all of the pain….

I had NO IDEA what the point was, it was just a sense.

But I had HOPE for the first time in a very long time.

For the next 3 years, I was devoted to the path of “surrender” and to “letting go”…(which included letting go to letting go).

… I let go of the illusions I had been holding around my worth and value.

…I let go of all of the false beliefs that had kept me trapped in limitation and hypnotized by the notion that my power, security and happiness existed outside of me in someone or someTHING.

…I started focusing on what was meaningful to me.  Because I choose to live, I was going to make it matter.

I managed to find a way home again, back to myself.

…More than anything else, I REMEMBERED that there is nothing more valuable to me than how I FEEL.

I started to value myself more and more and chose to govern my choices on how I FELT, which was a foreign language to me at the time.

I began to renegotiate my own terms, and discovered the Natural Laws that were governing my personal reality. 

One of the most profound Laws – The Law of Response, reminded me that MY thoughts are creating MY reality! In this empowering discovery, I began going into my mental fitness gym and did “reps” everyday of deliberately choosing thoughts of gratitude and appreciation.  I soon began to see evidence in the form of opportunities coming into my experience and with this, remembered that with all things being energy, I too am energy and govern and shape my reality through the focus of my attention.

I learned to be in harmony with this Law as well as other vital Natural Principles, which changed EVERYTHING!!

Living in harmony, instead of reaction and opposition, allowed me to have an experience of true freedom, fulfillment and EASE (which is something I had NEVER experienced before!)

And now, I experience life in a RADICALLY different way…

…My anxiety has been replaced by a true feeling of flow and trust that things are happening FOR me, not TO me.

…Instead of feeling afraid that things are falling apart, I have an unwavering sense of security because of my connection to my own power. I know that things are actually falling “together” and are unfolding on my behalf – provided I choose to view it in this way.

…I don’t have to struggle to make money anymore — things now feel easy and natural (and I am more successful than ever!).

…Instead of dreading getting out of bed in the morning (or not getting out of bed at all), I wake up inspired, on purpose and excited about the day ahead and what will unfold.

…I have amazing authentic friendships that are truly meaningful to me.  I recognize that my community if one of my greatest resources.

…I make MONEY doing what I love and invest my time in experiences that are life affirming and positive to my soul. I make my own schedule.

…I get to go in nature often, to go on hikes regularly and to travel to beautiful locations all over the world.

…I’m not MONEY DRIVEN, but rather PASSION and PURPOSE DRIVEN… and the outcome is that even though I am still a work-in-progress, 95% of my experience is comprised of joy, love and freedom.

…Everything I do I do out of CHOICE. The word obligation doesn’t exist in my life anymore. I don’t “should” on myself.

I am now living a life that is truly priceless and I have a deep irrevocable sense of inner peace. I have a life that is both emotionally rich and materially abundant.

I realize now that the point of me losing everything in the Tech Collapse, was NOT a “loss” at all, but rather a profound GIFT containing the greatest riches I could have imagined.

No amount of money could replace my discovery of the infinite treasure that exists within me, that I could only have realized through those trials and tribulations.

My former life was no life at all.  I was a prisoner to money and the mental shackles of my material preoccupation. Fill-fullment should never be confused with Fulfillment.

Every experience of pain, struggle and “loss” was really a “gift in disguise” to help me to realize my Self worth beyond my net worth. Each of those experiences afforded me the character, strengths and unique gifts I have today and have enriched me with a life of authentic abundance.

Story Addiction

historyyouOne of the primary reasons peoples experiences don´t change is they continue to regurgitate the same story over and over

In the Spirit of finality and completion, may you give yourself the Ultimate gift of moving forward, by telling A NEW STORY! Everything in life is “story” but the most important one is the one you tell yourself. From this story the Universal manager of Law of Response is validating your inner dialogue by delivering to you more of the same. Your NEW reality can only show up by coming into alignment with it and from NO LONGER TELLING YOUR OLD STORY! There are many clever variations of “story addiction” and “indulgence”. In the Spiritual community this shows up in the form of “processing”. In the conventional community in the form of “Therapy”. There is a time and place for this type of support – but solely to bring you into awareness.

In the moment that you are able to “tell your story” and articulate your experience, you have brought the un-conscious into consciousness and have stepped into AWARENESS. Awareness allows you to form a new choice and newfound preference moving forward. But awareness is not enough. From this awareness of newfound choice you must begin to shift your inner ratio of attention to your new preference and begin to tell your new “story”. This is true essence of “Fake It til You Make It”.


Please remember that the Universe is responding to your current vibration and does not know the difference between your past, present and future. It also does not speak English, French or Japanese – but rather the language of ENERGY. It is energetically impossible to focus on what you are “letting go of”, and let go of something. Even though your language suggests your “letting go” or “healing”, your focus is STILL on the very subject that you are “letting go” of or “healing” from. Even though you may think it is beneficial to become Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew – to review what happened to you years ago, or why it happened, or who you attracted characteristics from, or any variation thereof, your attention is still being placed on the very energy, and the very story you are wanting to transform. Law of Attraction will deliver you the same energy over and over again, only in a different package. This is why the quality of most people’s lives never really change.


As you come into the clarity of what you prefer after your personal experience of “irritation”, you are being routed to greater alignment. This is the alignment of your attention on your desires, which becomes your newfound story. This new story should always carry the predominant theme of your true essence of love, joy and connection, and articulate your truest character. From this place the Universe will cast new characters in your Divine Drama to ensure that your new story becomes your reality.

You are powerful beyond measure. This is the most potent time in our evolution. In order for true change to occur on this planet, we must individually begin to take accountability and direction of our greatest commodity – our attention. After all, since we are all creators, we might as well create something beautiful.♥