Daisy Dinwoodie

I wish to express my deepest thanks for the encouragement and guidance to take a new, clear, joyful and simple path in my life journey.  Since taking the first few steps on the Priceless Life path- with Laura gently whispering ‘you can do it, it is your birth right’- I have experienced immense connection to the present, to the wonder and joy in my life, to my own wonderful and powerful self.  Thank you Laura and your Priceless program for your loving guidance and your faith in life.  This is a path that is both easy and fulfilling.  I walk it happily every day. Before I began the program I often felt anxious and overwhelmed by the many things I wanted to/felt obliged to do. Now, with my daily practice, I feel calm and trust that all will unfold as and when it needs to.

– Daisy Dinwoodie

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