Go With The Flow

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Hi everyone,

it’s Laura Fredrickson in the Institute of True Wealth, I’m here in Oslo Norway and I’m sitting by a river, and it’s so powerful to look at nature as a reminder, as symbolic metaphor for the way that we’re intended to experience our lives here on the planet. Nature is the ultimate creative force and for most of us, we are in the process of deliberately creating our experience, so why not let the ultimate creative force to be reminded of how that’s intended to be.

Rivers flow downstream and it's important for us to remember that each of us is on our own boat; each of use is responsible for navigating our own experience on this river of life. So there's approximately seven and a half billion boats on this river. And it's important to know that the number one most important desire that we have is to actually experience ease, grace, peace, wellbeing and fulfillment. The manifestation of our heart’s desires actually come secondary. In other words, it's not about the destination; It's about the journey. It’s about how we're feeling the course of our creative process.

So it's important to remember that everything flows downstream and when we decide to direct our boat downstream we are actually flowing in the direction of everything that we’re wanting. All of the cooperative relationships everything, the divine conspiracy, is coordinating all the details of the manifestation of our heart’s desires. 

So it's really important to remember that how we direct our personal boats is through the placement of our attention. Our attention is our greatest commodity.

I want to give you a very powerful practice. It's what I refer to as your mental fitness gym. A lot of you are dedicated to yoga, and fitness, and proper nutrition, but a lot of people fail to focus on the most important nutrition which is our thoughts. Why is that the most important? Because we're creating from our thoughts, not from our actions. 

So I want to give you a powerful practice, it's what I call your gratitude appreciation journal, and what I invite you to do is at least four days a week notice on what is working in your life. Focus on what you're grateful for. If you're not appreciating your life, you’re judging it.

It’s powerful to do three things at the beginning of your day, and no repeats. The reason it's important to do no repeats is because you will deepen and expand what you’re noticing, which will deepen and expand what you're welcoming into your life. 

So again, most important thing is to go downstream with the flow in the river of life and remember you are powerful beyond measure.

Sending so much love to each and every single one of you. Until next time, from Oslo, Norway.

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