Kerry Ford

I had the privilege of participating in Laura’s Priceless Program at a time when I needed it most. I was in a bad financial situation after leaving my marriage that felt impossible to overcome.  On top of this, as a practitioner having spent 12+ years studying, researching and practicing in my field yet I could not stop giving it my service away for free, I had finally seen a light ~ the correlation between my own self worth and both the men I was choosing, and the path i was taking in my career – neither of them lucrative nor supportive of my dream or my potential.

Enter Laura and her Priceless Program. I was drowning myself in Facebook to avoid my reality one evening, when I saw her program. The next thing I knew I was immersed in the singularly most powerful metamorphosis of my life.

I have attended many retreats, seminars and workshops and have even been mentored by a renowned doctor in the spiritual realm; yet nothing came close to providing both the insight into my blocks and how to remove them, in order to quickly and abundantly manifest what I wanted in my life. The transformation was instant. The moment I started to employ just some of her shockingly simple tools – and committing to and valuing my self in a daily practice – my life began to open up.

It has been 1 month since i took her Priceless Program and while it will always be a constant evolution, I have a trust in my self and the universe to provide for me like I have never had before; a trust that I had been searching what seemed a lifetime to find.

Laura’s program provides more than insight – it provides tangible, practical, powerful and simple tools to create authentic abundance in your life. The rewards have been flowing in BIG ways ever since the moment I invested in her wisdom, but the tools far surpass financial abundance and reach heights that will remind you of your value in the world and how incredibly abundant every area of your life can be.

– Kerry Ford

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