Mary Jo White 

My experience with Laura Fredrickson has been surreal.  Having 20+ years in the financial service industry as a financial advisor, and hiring multiple coaches, I feel comfortable in saying I know the difference of mediocrity and amazing.

I feel Laura is gifted and has this innate ability to identify road blocks, and more importantly, her constant accountability allows one to become very mindful of their words which will transcend to more optimal relationships with a spouse/partner, business, health and overall wellbeing.

I am still in awe of how every aspect of my life has improved and her powerful words resonate and guide me in between my calls to keep me aligned.  Laura sticks to core principles/laws that do not waiver and her full proof recipe for alignment aka, vast improvement in your life, always works.

I would recommend Laura’s proactive expertise to any individual that is ready to make a major change in their life.  Caution, Laura will not give in to your preconceived notions of obstacles, she will teach you that your perception of any situation is all that really matters and you have the ability to make meaningful change in 30 days time.

After years of cystic breasts, a recent visit to my gynecologist informed me that I changed the composition of my breasts.  My doctor of 15 years looked at her notes several times and asked me specifically, “ What are you doing different.”  I laughed out loud and said, I hired Laura Fredrickson.  With gratitude, heartfelt mindfulness, meditation and shifting gears with Laura’s help, I am on an amazing new journey of focus and results.

– Mary Jo White

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