My Personal Credit Line

Life treats me the way I treat me.

Every relationship is an extension of the relationship I have with myself, courtesy of the Law of Response neutrally delivering to me validation of my inner dialogue.

In order to feel valued in the world, I must first value myself.


Many people are under the collective “spell” and hallucination that their worth and value is only relative to what they DO. Often times “doing the change” at their own expense and feeling emotionally bankrupt. It is wonderful to participate in life through action, however your offering to this planet is based on your vibrational offering – which is noted by how you feel the majority of the time. With all things being energy in this magnetic playing field we call Life, every action is emotionally motivated by either fear or love. No amount of action can compensate for mis-aligned consciousness – or action based in fear. Regardless of your Ego’s interpretation of “big” or “small” endeavors, when you come from JOY & LOVE, you are in Ultimate service to this planet and to others.




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