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“Laura's home study programs provides more than insight - it provides tangible, practical, powerful and simple tools to create true wealth in your life. The rewards have been flowing in BIG ways ever since the moment I invested in her wisdom, but the tools far surpass financial abundance and reach heights that will remind you of your value in the world and how incredibly abundant every area of your life can be.”

Authentic Abundance

A Fulfillionaire's Guide to Passion, Purpose and Prosperity

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Multimedia Package Includes:

Videos, Audios, Journal & Interactive Workbook

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First Steps to Being Empowered with Money


Multimedia Package Includes:

Audio Recording / Practice


A Beginners Guide to Financial Empowerment, Personal Fulfillment & Emotional Wellbeing


Multimedia Package Includes:

Audio Recordings / Interactive Workbook / Journal


Making Money Doing What You Love


Multimedia Package Includes:

Audio Recordings / Interactive Workbook


3 Steps to Creating a Life of True Wealth


Multimedia Package Includes:
Audio Recordings / Interactive Workbook /Journal


Create More and Enjoy the Process


Multimedia Package Includes:

Audio Recordings / Interactive Workbook.


You are absolutely able to receive a full refund, provided you have gone through the program and practices and have not received any benefit.

Meet Laura Fredrickson, Financial Wellness + Empowerment Expert

For the past 23 years I have been devoted to empowering individuals to shift their relationship with money, realize their self worth beyond their net worth, and create lives of true fulfillment, happiness and freedom. I guide people to build inner empires and to create lives that are authentically successful, with a deep knowing of their innate value and their ability to THRIVE in service to their gifts.

My journey began when my financially stressed parents committed suicide together. I became obsessed with conquering money. I made millions, and then lost every cent. Having been under the collective spell that my security and happiness resided in my bank account, I began spiralling towards suicide, thinking I had lost everything.

And then... I Woke Up.  I realized that I did need to commit suicide, but needed to leave my body out of it.  What needed to die were the beliefs that had me on the fast track to being the richest woman in the cemetery.

After renegotiating my own terms and discovering the foundational principles governing my personal reality, I began to align with Universal Flow and the source of my true freedom and happiness- as well as my authentic worth and value. 

For over 2 decades I’ve had the privilege of enriching the lives of countless individuals to include  Victoria Secret Supermodels, UN Ambassadors, Olympic athletes, Celebrities, US Diplomats, Companies and Corporations. 

My global mission is to revolutionize worth and wealth and initiate a new paradigm of success of what I call being a Fulfillionaire, which is an experience that is based in emotional well being, personal fulfillment and financial empowerment with my ‘Priceless Principles & Practices for True Wealth’.


It is no accident that you are here on the PRICELESS Life Path, for you are ready to become a FULFILLIONAIRE, and invest in your most valuable possession – YOUR LIFE!

We are at a crucial time in our human evolution, where each of us is being asked to awaken from our collective slumber and hallucination. Suicide rates are escalating, financial systems are crumbling, and for the majority of the population, pain and drama have become the “norm”. Most people seem to have “To-Do” Lists that extend beyond their own life span, and heart disease is at an all time high – the correlation of which is undeniable.

People have lost their way.

Within this vast irritation is an opportunity for true freedom and happiness. We can choose to create a new paradigm of success, which includes expressing our authentic purpose, realizing our true worth and value, and harmonizing with Natural Laws. From this place of personal empowerment and alignment, we can live lives that are abundant in all ways, creating a world that works for everyone.

The Time is NOW...


I had the privilege of participating in Laura’s Priceless Program at a time when I needed it most. I was in a bad financial situation after leaving my marriage that felt impossible to overcome. On top of this, as a practitioner having spent 12+ years studying, researching and practicing in my field yet I could not stop giving it my service away for free, I had finally seen a light ~ the correlation between my own self worth and both the men I was choosing, and the path i was taking in my career - neither of them lucrative nor supportive of my dream or my potential.

Enter Laura and her Priceless Program. I was drowning myself in Facebook to avoid my reality one evening, when I saw her program. The next thing I knew I was immersed in the singularly most powerful metamorphosis of my life.

I have attended many retreats, seminars and workshops and have even been mentored by a renowned doctor in the spiritual realm; yet nothing came close to providing both the insight into my blocks and how to remove them, in order to quickly and abundantly manifest what I wanted in my life. The transformation was instant. The moment I started to employ just some of her shockingly simple tools - and committing to and valuing my self in a daily practice - my life began to open up.

It has been 1 month since i took her Priceless Program and while it will always be a constant evolution, I have a trust in my self and the universe to provide for me like I have never had before; a trust that I had been searching what seemed a lifetime to find.

Laura's program provides more than insight - it provides tangible, practical, powerful and simple tools to create authentic abundance in your life. The rewards have been flowing in BIG ways ever since the moment I invested in her wisdom, but the tools far surpass financial abundance and reach heights that will remind you of your value in the world and how incredibly abundant every area of your life can be. ~ Kerry Ford

I am grateful for Laura’s Priceless Program. In a month’s time I have learned these Priceless tools that I can use for the rest of my life. When I started the course I felt worried and depressed. After 30 days, I feel hopeful and optimistic about my future! If I get off track, I can always come back to my plan. No amount of money can equal the knowledge that I have gained. I am locked into this infinite eternal path that was lovingly and powerfully taught to me. Thank you Laura Fredrickson for your wisdom and loving force full ness. I am humbled and forever changed. ~ Pamela Maldonado

I wish to express my deepest thanks for the encouragement and guidance to take a new, clear, joyful and simple path in my life journey. Since taking the first few steps on the Priceless Life path- with Laura gently whispering ‘you can do it, it is your birth right’- I have experienced immense connection to the present, to the wonder and joy in my life, to my own wonderful and powerful self. Thank you Laura and your Priceless program for your loving guidance and your faith in life. This is a path that is both easy and fulfilling. I walk it happily every day. Before I began the program I often felt anxious and overwhelmed by the many things I wanted to/felt obliged to do. Now, with my daily practice, I feel calm and trust that all will unfold as and when it needs to. ~ Daisy Dinwoodie

I feel Laura is gifted and has this innate ability to identify road blocks, and more importantly, her constant accountability allows one to become very mindful of their words which will transcend to more optimal relationships with a spouse/partner, business, health and overall well-being.

I am still in awe of how every aspect of my life has improved and her powerful words resonate and guide me in between my calls to keep me aligned. Laura sticks to core principles/laws that do not waiver and her full proof recipe for alignment aka, vast improvement in your life, always works.

I would recommend Laura’s proactive expertise to any individual that is ready to make a major change in their life. Caution, Laura will not give in to your preconceived notions of obstacles, she will teach you that your perception of any situation is all that really matters and you have the ability to make meaningful change in 30 days time.

After years of cystic breasts, a recent visit to my gynecologist informed me that I changed the composition of my breasts. My doctor of 15 years looked at her notes several times and asked me specifically, “ What are you doing different.” I laughed out loud and said, I hired Laura Fredrickson. With gratitude, heartfelt mindfulness, meditation and shifting gears with Laura’s help, I am on an amazing new journey of focus and results." ~Mary Jo White

I am grateful to Laura and the Priceless Program for joyfully and clearly providing me with a simple formula for staying mindful of my thoughts and feelings, giving me the chance to clearly envision and define my hearts desire and choose how I live in this world, and to choose trust, happiness, connection, integrity, love, abundance and fulfillment in my personal and professional life. It was inspiring and heart opening and I am truly thankful. ~Stuart Dinwoodie

"Laura's Priceless Program helped me pave the way to the awareness within that is needed to keep me aligned and on the path of abundance. Thank you Laura!" ~Casey Heisler

"If someone would have told me how different my life would be today versus 1 year ago, I wouldn't have believed them. Every aspect of my being has changed for the better, including my perspective and the overall framework of my life. I just finished the most successful quarter of my work and am the top producer at my agency. I am more relaxed and don't feel stress to the degree that I used to. My friends, family and colleagues have all noticed the difference in me as well. I can honestly say Laura's Priceless Program helped me shift my life for the better for the rest of my life. And I am so grateful for her! I recommend the program to anyone who wants to take steps to evolve and function at a higher level." ~Mary Frazer

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