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Embrace Change

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Hi this is Laura Fredrickson in the Institute of True Wealth, and I want to talk about the importance of embracing change.

So often people are in resistance to change, and what that ultimately does is of course, cause a lot of suffering. The purpose of change is to actually initiate for you greater fulfillment. Remember: you can’t have your no, and then have your yes; it’s impossible.

So, so many of you are thru your experiences of challenges and trials, and tribulations, you’re actually declaring something new that you’re wanting for yourself. The only way that that can come into your life, is for change to occur.

So I invite you to celebrate change, and acknowledge that it’s actually *****it’s a catalyst for greater fulfillment, and happiness and well being.

Addicted to Processing?

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Hi, I’m Laura Fredrickson with the Institute of True Wealth, and I want to talk today about addiction to processing. 

There are so many people that are in the state of “I have to honor how I feel, I have to really process what just happened to me”, and what they don't understand, what they forget is that what we focus on expands, and you are attracting based on how you feel.

So this is not to dissall therapists or traditional therapy in general; there is a time and a place for that, so powerful, when I lost both of my parents I saw a therapist for 3 months. I did very deliberate work around the emotional trauma, and the emotional pain. But I often work with people who have been in therapy for anywhere between 10 and 20 years; nothing ever changes! 

The reason for that is because what you focus on expands regardless of whether or not you're getting clever and you think “no, I just need to process and honor this”, you have to know that your attention is your greatest commodity. And when you continue to regurgitate those stories over and over and over, it's inviting the same energy in different packages into your life.

So awareness is key; awareness is the greatest facilitator for change, and without it you really have no choice and so I really invite you: look at your results, results don't lie. If you find that you're having the same type of experiences over and over in your life, maybe that's the same type of relationship dynamic that you repeat over and over and over. It's an opportunity to really harness your past and your experiences and use it in a way that gets you clear about what you prefer.

There's a very simple practice you can do, I call it “The contrasts exercise” you can create two columns: a “no column” and a “yes column”. And review your past in a very deliberate way, and write down the things that have not worked for you in your relationship, or in your job or perhaps with your health. And take your attention from that no column and shift it to what it is you prefer.

In order to create something new you have to focus on what it is you are wanting. It has to be thought of and spoken of in a life affirming way. The universe does not speak English French and Japanese, it speaks in the language of energy. So use your pass very deliberately and direct your attention from what you experience to what you prefer, place your attention on that at least four days a week; all that's required is the majority because momentum will handle the rest, and what you'll start to notice is new evidence in your life of those new energetic frequencies and experiences coming in as a result of you placing your attention on your yes, and what you prefer.

So remember processing does not fundamentally work, okay? It takes 17 seconds activate a vibration. So the universe is responding to where you place your attention now, now, and now. It doesn’t know the difference between your past, present and future.

So tell stories that feel good to you; everything in life’s a story. The most important one is the one you’re telling yourself.

Much love, until next time.

Shaken Awake

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Hi everyone, it's Laura Fredrickson in the Institute of True Wealth.

I want to talk about the potent age between 27 and 35. If you're that age frame right now and you feel like you're going through a really tumultuous time, I want you to know that you're exactly where you need to be. This is what's often referred to as Saturn return, and the way that I like to describe this is this is a time in our lives were we’re shaken awake; where we go through really intense experiences.

For me and my Saturn return I lost both my parents to suicide, I know a lot of people have experienced car accidents or they've ended really long term relationships. They’ve had to move change jobs, occupations. It is a time that is so powerful, and the purpose and the intention of this time is to shake you awake, which is to say, to have you go through these experiences that are very unsettling so that you can actually connect with the true source of your security, happiness, and to connect with your own power. 

So, often times people say “Oh my God, I just feel like the rug is being pulled out from underneath me”. When you realize that you're the rug, then there's no way for the rug to get pulled out from underneath you.

So really use this time as an opportunity to clarify what really matters to you, what's really important. It's a chance for you to start to really direct your life from a meaningful place. And sometimes we have to go through these types of traumatic experiences so that we remember what we need to remember.

It's almost as though for our souls and our spirits to recognize itself in this human form, we have to go through those once again, what seems like very intense experiences of heart ache and tragedy, and perceived loss; but it's ultimately a gift delivered to you, your greatest awareness, your greatest understanding of yourself, and can support you to have a very solid energetic foundations to architect the rest of your life.

So celebrate it and know that you're exactly where you need to be. Learn to harness your experiences in the way that their intended which is to deliver to you greater clarity and ultimately greater fulfillment. 

Until next time.

The Power of Your Attention

What you focus on expands in your life.  Having your attention on what IS working in your life and focusing on gratitude will change your life.  Our thoughts and perceptions create our reality.