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Feeling fearful or angry about the election? Here is something you can do about it.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone,

it's Laura, I’m here in Berlin and it's November 13th today, and I am always reflecting about my parents on this day. This is the anniversary of their suicide, dual suicide over their confusion over money. But I would say more importantly as they took their lives because they forgot, they had the ultimate amnesia about really their true value, their innate worth and believing that anything was possible. And so my parents were experiencing a very extreme state of powerlessness. 

The reason I want to do this video today is of course to honor them, but I also want to be able to offer some super urgence loving reminders that this is such a crucial time right now. So many people are experiencing depression and fear and anxiety over the recent election, and this is such an important time for everybody to remember that there is nothing outside of you that is responsible for your own personal reality. You are responsible for that. And anytime that you forget that, and any time that you assign your freedom, your security and your happiness to something outside of yourself, in this case assigning your power to who is president of the United States, it is so incredibly dangerous; not only to your own emotional well being, but also to what is being collectively created. 

So this is such a vital time everyone please use this as an opportunity to reclaim your power. We are in an era of personal empowerment so the opportunity and the choice that you have now is to redirect your attention and words. We are creating from the inside out; this is not spiritual bypass, this is not wishful thinking, but if you study metaphysics you understand that everything in life is energy and your thoughts, your predominant amount of thoughts is what is actually being created in your life energetically speaking.

So all of us are on vibrationalmatch.com

Absolutely nothing good can be created from a state of anger, and rage, and fear. So if you're feeling rageful direct that rage through awareness and really identify what is it that you're angry about. And if you were to really get to the heart of the matter you'd realize that the anger, the frustration, the disappointments, the worry, all stems back to somewhere in your life that you're feeling powerless. Now most people have a falsely assigned their power and their words and their sense of freedom to money; to their jobs and in this case to whoever the president of the United States is. So, I'm electing you as president of your own United States. This is the time that all the prophecies have mentioned. We have two distinct paths right now: those that are choosing from love, and those that are choosing from fear. Are you choosing to be a warrior or a worrier? So, I elect you to be the best version of yourself and remember your attention and your perception is your greatest commodity. 

Sending love to each and every single one of you incredible fellow travelers and deliberate beings. Just remember the truth of who you are. Now is the time.


Financial systems are unstable, suicide is rampant, and disease is escalating.  Millions of people have lost their way.  We have To-Do Lists that extend beyond our own lifespan and heart disease is at an all time high – the correlation of which is undeniable. 

The majority of people are in pursuit of acquiring a net worth at the expense of their own well being and have falsely defined and assigned their Self worth, happiness, value and sense of security to money.  They’re more focused on their bank balance than their own sense of balance.

We have a culture that is materially rich but emotionally broke – Fill-fullment as opposed to Fulfillment.  Hoping that the “filling” of external things will somehow miraculously bring about a sense of fulfillment. We have the opportunity at this potent time in our human evolution, to dispel these illusions once and for all. 

One of the most blatant versions of this cultural insanity, is in the pursuit of “Financial Freedom”.  As we start to look deeper, we see that life speaks to us in metaphors.  We can look at the CHASE bank cards and see that they read- ‘CHASE FREEDOM’, which is blatantly indicative of our times, with so many people chasing freedom – always elusive.  (**Include the Chase Bank card and Priceless Freedom card graphics here**)Financial freedom is an oxy-moron for we can never be free in the seeking of something outside of ourselves for that freedom.  We are creating from the inside out.  Therefore, freedom, security, flow and fulfillment are all an inside job.

The vast irritation we are experiencing through pain and drama, is providing us with a valuable opportunity to course correct.  It is within this experience of contrast – The Ultimate Stimulus package – that we have experiences that are painful, for the purpose of revealing what we prefer.

These experiences of pain and drama are cleverly disguised gifts of greater awareness, conscious choice and alignment (provided we choose to unwrap them) and are the very impetus for our evolution into this next book of human experience. 

These experiences are gifts and “sponsors” for us to realize our truest desires.  They are ambassadors for us to harness a newfound clarity and move in a heart-core conscious direction to create a thriving experience, personally and collectively.

When we get to the heart of the matter, we realize at the core of our being, we are desperately yearning to live the lives we were born for.  How we currently exist in the world is blatantly not working.  We have been hostage to the psychological inheritances and energetic hand-me-down’s of a fear based culture, community and media for far too long.  We have succumbed to the collective hallucination that our source of freedom, happiness, security, worth and value, resides in something external – in our net worth, possessions, status, accolades, title and relationships. 

We are each being given a profound opportunity to arise from our unconscious slumber and step into our True power and to claim a life that is based in true freedom, flow and fulfillment -to be “Fulfillionaires” and live lives that are rich in all ways – both experientially and materially.  A life of TRUE WEALTH.

This is the grand awakening of acknowledging that Source ~the life giving energy that is breathing us, beating our hearts and life-ing us ~ is flowing through us…as us.  We are it! We are being given a potent chance now to intimately know and trust this internal and eternal power, and its unwavering and beneficial effect in our lives.

Our experience here on Earth is grounded in a natural principle and Law, which I refer to as the Law of Response that dictates that our reality is but a vibrational reflection of our own perception.  In this vibrational Universe, we attract based on how we feel.  There is a gravitational pull to our consciousness that aligns for us people, circumstances, events and situations, all of which are validating our inner dialogue. 

As we each become more and more attuned to this intimate fact, we can begin to claim our individual power and use of our greatest commodity – our attention- to create a life that is truly valuable to us and to others.   This is the essence of Free Will or often times Free Won’t.

The time has come for us to no longer seek peace and happiness outside of ourselves, for the “seeking” outside of ourselves implies that we feel a lack and incompleteness within ourselves, which will continue to perpetuate pain and drama in our lives. It is time to become the final healer of our inner world and therefore our outer world, to dispel the greatest illusion of all time ~our powerlessness to create our lives in the way that we choose and our separateness from Source~the Ultimate hallucination.

As we step into this Era of personal empowerment we begin to recognize that our power resides in our attention and how we choose to perceive.

As we begin to recognize more fully the unique genius within each of us and have reverence for the Creative Force that IS expressing thru US, we step into greater awareness and Self-mastery.  It is from this place of sovereignty, that we are connected to our true essence, which creates the shift that allows us to mid-wife the birth of our New Reality.

In all great ages of times past, accounts of prolific heroes are found. Tales are told of incredibly courageous human beings, who challenged the powers to be and catalyzed a people to great change for the next chapter of human evolution.

This time is no different, but with an important and life changing distinction. We are no longer writing chapters, but rather a new book. The days of the hero have come and gone. You must now look within to find the great savior of humanity. You are the one you have been waiting for and must truly be the change you wish to see in your world.

The time has come for each of us to claim our Self worth and innate value and our experience of Authentic Abundance.

Change occurs at the speed of thought and we must remember that the only way to predict our future is to create it.

Relationship To Money

Video Transcription

Hi everyone,

it’s Laura Fredrickson in the Institute of True Wealth.

Today I want to talk about a subject that not a lot of people want to talk about. It’s what I refer to as “the number one silent killer”, and that is our relationship with money.

There’s a huge focus on how to make money, how to invest money, but nobody’s talking about our fundamental relationship with money, which is inherently flawed. So I want to invite you to take a moment and consider a really important question: “Is there anything more valuable to you than how you feel?” If the answer is no, which it should be, this is an important time to really reconsider your choices on a daily basis.

I know and work with so many individuals that up until recently really made decisions and choices that were out there on expense. In other words they were out making money, making a living but were emotionally broke in the process. So if you have bought into the cultural hallucination and BS, which is a fear-based believe system, that you have to work hard for money, you have to work hard to make ends meet, you have to put your nose to the grindstone and pound the pavement, it’s all bullshit! The truth is you’re intended to thrive; you’re intended to share your gifts in exchange for what we call money, which is simply an appreciation currency.

Money was initially created as a way to exchange goods and services in the spirit of ease and grace, so people weren’t schlepping goats on their backs in exchange for spices. So what’s happened over the course of time, is man has distorted and adopted all of his own, and her own beliefs as it relates to money. The good news is you perception is creating your reality; your reality consists of relationships, health, career and money.

Money is just one version or materialization and manifestation of your beliefs about it. So in the moment that you realize that your perception’s creating your reality, which is why we have seven and a half billion realities happening simultaneously when you can remember that the sources of your power, freedom and fulfillment resides in your attention and resides in your perception, you can start to deliberately shift those beliefs around money.

And when you start to shift your beliefs around money and by the way, this doesn’t mean you have to do that with all 60,000 to 80,000 of your thoughts because that would be absolutely exhausting, all that’s required is you shift the inner ratio of your attention from 49% to 51% of what you prefer; and there’s something in physics called momentum.

And so things will start to shift. You will on a short amount of time within about thirty days start to see new evidence, and a new way of being as it relates to life as, it relates to work, you're able to renegotiate your own terms.

So if you're somebody who is truly sick and tired of being sick and tired you realize fundamentally that something is off if you're spending the majority of your day just to make money at your own expense and you're not feeling good in your experience, I can help you, I can support you, I created the Institute of True Wealth which is an incredible online membership community where I can offer to you amazing prices principles on the essence of your true value, your self worth, and help you to easily shift that BS or sphere based beliefs and perceptions that you've adopted over time.

You won't ever have to go to therapy again, we're not going to review what happened at age five and then how that should begin at age twelve, and what happened last week…

All that's required is a spirit of awareness and when you come into awareness of beliefs that no longer serve you a very simple five step process that will allow you to shift that once and for all.

So if you'd like to join me I would welcome you and invite you to claim the life that you're born for, I look forward to knowing you and supporting you to live a life of absolute passion purpose and prosperity.

Loving What IS

Video Transcription

I’ve had just a profound realization realizing that even though I wanted to commit physical suicide, I had been committing emotional suicide so many days of my life, and basing my happiness on things outside of myself.

And what I realized in that experience and the deepest gift in all of it was that I had an opportunity to change my relationship to life. And what I ended up doing is just starting to re-route my thoughts and my attention to the gifts, to the abundance, to the love that I was experiencing on a daily basis.

And it felt like they were little things at the time, but I felt relief in my system from that I felt the relief from my depression. And I just noticed it felt like little energetic bread crumbs getting dropped for me and I kept feeling these insights, and incredible people coming into my experience. And things just started to get better and I started to feel relief and every day it’s a practice for me; I know that the most incredible tool I have is my perception, and the way that I look at life, and I know that the greatest gift that I have found is to appreciate and to love what is.

And I know that the more I do that, the more incredible abundance comes into my experience; to practice every single day I continue to remind myself of my priceless nature, I’ve had other experiences as a **** that have always tended to remind me of what’s truly valuable in my life and I’m always taught this through the energy of money, and the times that I’m experiencing the greatest lack or what I perceive as lack, I know that I just have gotten sloppy in the way that I’m looking at my life and I’ve forgotten what is truly valuable and all the love and connection that I do have.

So I would say that the greatest gift that I have given myself and I can continue to share with others is the importance of placing my attention on what is working in my life, placing my attention on what I appreciate, and the more that I’ve done that, the more that I attract just amazing abundance and appreciation, and love into my experience. That’s an ongoing practice for me.

Tragedy to Triumph

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, it’s Laura, Institute of True Wealth... What is True Wealth? It’s a very great question; it's one that I sat with most of my life. Having lost both of my parents to a dual suicide over their confusion over money, and losing millions of dollars I nearly took my life because I had assigned my worth, and my value, and my security, and my freedom, and my happiness to money. And I realize now that the purpose to all of that pain as is the case with most of our hardships and our challenges, is really a gift to put us intimately in touch with the source of our true freedom, and happiness, and security. 

So I have renegotiated my terms and have chosen to experience true wealth. And the essence of true wealth is having a life that is based in experience, based in love, based in joy, based on connection, which permeates all categories and sectors of our life; relationships, career, doing work that we love, being in service to others, sharing our gifts, money, which means that we are empowered in our relationship with money; that money is not governing our choices, but rather is a reflection and appreciation currency for our divine gifts, and for our service. As well as an offering to other people's gifts and services.

So true wealth is having that experience of joy, and freedom, and love, and connection, and allowing that to inform our relationships; career, health and money.

I just want to remind everybody that as far as I know we only get one go at this. I know that suicide rates are at an all time high; every 40 seconds someone is taking their life on the planet. And money is the number one cause of stress. So many people are awakening at this time; perhaps you’re one of those people to realize their self worth beyond their net worth. To realize that when we go within we can’t never go without. Regardless of if you've lost millions of dollars, or your home, or a relationship, or your health, I want to empower each and every single one of you that are listening to my words right now to remember that god, source, spirit, universe is flowing through you as you. You are an incredible, empowered powerful being. And your power originates in your perceptions, and your beliefs, and your thoughts. And whatever you believe is possible can become your reality.

Change occurs at the speed of thoughts, so I just want to remind everybody if you're feeling lost, powerless, depressed, confused, frustrated, it's not the end; things are not falling apart, they're falling together; but you’re co-creator in your experience and so in this moments I invite you to go within, to quiet the egoic voice that wants to tell you that it's hopeless, and it's over, and there's nothing left to live for, that this is the point. This is the inception point for your greatest realizations if you so choose. And if you choose to go into that darkness, and if you choose to go into that confusion, and if you choose to meet that frustration with acceptance and with love, there will be an opening. And within that opening you will be able to see a clear vision; you’ll get a sense and maybe the vision isn't going to contain all of the details, but you’ll get a glimpse of what's possible for you in your life. And I want you to know that if I could survive the dual suicide of my parents, and my own bout with suicide, and losing millions of dollars in the stock market, and facing foreclosure, and being in an abusive relationship, and all of the drama that you could possibly imagine; I if I experience that and found my way through to the other side of the life of true wealth, you can do it.

So this video is here to say that if you're looking for a sign, if you're looking for inspiration, to love yourself, to inform your life from an authentic place to share your gifts, and to experience what I call being a “fulfillionaire”, this is your sign. 

I'm sending so much love to you, you're not alone. You're exactly where you need to be in your journey, in your process. And I bow to you, I thank you, I honor you for your courage, for your strength; I know it's not easy, but it's a lot easier to be authentic and true to yourself than to live a lie, and to live an experience that's no longer serving you.

Please reach out if there's any way that I can support you. I want you to know that you're not alone, I'm here for you and I love you; I do. I love you, and you’re loved, so, until next time. Big kiss and hug from Berlin.

Hitting the Wall…..Street

HItting Wall St blog photo

(How Losing Millions Gave Me the Richest Life Imaginable)

Today I want to talk about MONEY. 

About how we rob ourselves from the life we were intended to live – because of our flawed relationship to money.

We let MONEY run our lives.

I remember, as if it was yesterday, where I was in my life…. 

I had just lost both of my parents to suicide together, over their confusion over money.

In my own form of rebellion and state of grief, I started filling the void they had left, with WORK and MAKING MONEY. 

And MORE work and MORE money.

And MORE work. So I could make MORE money!

I believed that somehow, making more money would appease my sadness. That it would make my pain go away.

I started spending all of my time in my office, watching ticker symbols.

My life was all about productivity and making the next deal.

Before long, I started feeling a lot of anxiety and fear.

I was completely STRESSED about money. 

This worry took up the majority of my day.

The anxiety became so intense that I remember a few times literally banging my head against the wall and pulling my hair out.

The most ironic part of all this, is that I had inherited my parents’ estate and came into millions of dollars after their death.

That should have been enough….

Yet I chose to trade in the stock market (as my father had done) – and became caught up in mindless & heartless investments.

There was an energetic umbilical cord still attached to my father and his choices, and I’m sure a huge unconscious part of me that still wanted to make my dad proud.

My stress over money soon turned into an OBSESSION with making money, which turned into more stress and the need to make MORE money. 

Which created more of an obsession to make more money.   

I stopped spending time with my friends and lost touch with the people I loved.

I became isolated and spent most of my time in my office alone.

And then I began to REALIZE, that even with all of this money, I STILL wasn’t happy and was anything but secure. 


Because, I was basing my happiness and security on a LIE!!!!! 

The lie that I could achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM. 

I had bought into the cultural hallucination that having money would somehow give me a sense of freedom, security and fulfillment. 

What’s even more insane, is that I had grown up in an environment where my dad had lectured about Financial Freedom, for as long as I can remember.  He was in pursuit of the elusive “it” his entire life, and even after accumulated millions, was NEVER truly FREE and eventually took his life because of his relationship with MONEY. And yet, I was heading down the same path of self destruction.

I became afflicted with the “If/Then – When/Then” Syndrome…. 

IF I could just make X amount of dollars, THEN I would be secure.  WHEN I met my next goal, THEN I would be free to do more of what I wanted.  IF the stock market produced the ROI that I wanted, THEN I would be happy.

I was so focused on making a buck, yet I was killing myself.

I was on the fast track to being the RICHEST WOMAN IN THE CEMETARY.

Ben Franklin said  – “Most people die when they’re 25, but aren’t buried until they’re 75.”  I was definitely dead inside, going through the motions, waiting to be buried.

And then, the UNTHINKABLE happened!!!

The tech collapse happened, and I started losing money VERY QUICKLY!

I remember losing sometimes $75-100K in an hour! I felt completely out of control.

As the market collapsed, so did I.

Eventually I LOST IT ALL.

I didn’t know what to do. 

I felt completely and utterly HOPELESS!

In the blink of a few ticker symbols, I had lost EVERYTHING.

I was penniless and pointless, lying in a bed all day.

I was barely eating.

I was living in gorgeous home in Colorado, yet I didn’t even go outside because I was so depressed.

I was surrounded by so much beauty, yet none of it mattered because I was living in a prison of my own angst.

Soon, my home was in foreclosure and I found myself in an abusive relationship. 

Everything in my world was crumbling around me.

I decided I just couldn’t go on….

I had lost my will to live and decided I was going to kill myself.

But instead…

I reached out to a close friend, and decided to be vulnerable by telling her what I was feeling.

I was so humiliated and embarrassed but I managed to gather some courage and open up to her.

I let it all out.

This choice initiated one of the MOST LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS OF MY LIFE!

My friend looked at me with compassion and understanding. 

She looked beyond my words, beyond my fear and despair, to the truth of who I was. 

It’s very difficult for me to put into words the affect that this exchange had on me, so I’ll just say this….

I felt seen for the first time in my life and with that, felt a pin prick of hope in my heart. 

For the first time in my life, I caught a glimpse of a bigger picture. I began to sense that I was more than just a human being, and there was a point to all of the pain….

I had NO IDEA what the point was, it was just a sense.

But I had HOPE for the first time in a very long time.

For the next 3 years, I was devoted to the path of “surrender” and to “letting go”…(which included letting go to letting go).

… I let go of the illusions I had been holding around my worth and value.

…I let go of all of the false beliefs that had kept me trapped in limitation and hypnotized by the notion that my power, security and happiness existed outside of me in someone or someTHING.

…I started focusing on what was meaningful to me.  Because I choose to live, I was going to make it matter.

I managed to find a way home again, back to myself.

…More than anything else, I REMEMBERED that there is nothing more valuable to me than how I FEEL.

I started to value myself more and more and chose to govern my choices on how I FELT, which was a foreign language to me at the time.

I began to renegotiate my own terms, and discovered the Natural Laws that were governing my personal reality. 

One of the most profound Laws – The Law of Response, reminded me that MY thoughts are creating MY reality! In this empowering discovery, I began going into my mental fitness gym and did “reps” everyday of deliberately choosing thoughts of gratitude and appreciation.  I soon began to see evidence in the form of opportunities coming into my experience and with this, remembered that with all things being energy, I too am energy and govern and shape my reality through the focus of my attention.

I learned to be in harmony with this Law as well as other vital Natural Principles, which changed EVERYTHING!!

Living in harmony, instead of reaction and opposition, allowed me to have an experience of true freedom, fulfillment and EASE (which is something I had NEVER experienced before!)

And now, I experience life in a RADICALLY different way…

…My anxiety has been replaced by a true feeling of flow and trust that things are happening FOR me, not TO me.

…Instead of feeling afraid that things are falling apart, I have an unwavering sense of security because of my connection to my own power. I know that things are actually falling “together” and are unfolding on my behalf – provided I choose to view it in this way.

…I don’t have to struggle to make money anymore — things now feel easy and natural (and I am more successful than ever!).

…Instead of dreading getting out of bed in the morning (or not getting out of bed at all), I wake up inspired, on purpose and excited about the day ahead and what will unfold.

…I have amazing authentic friendships that are truly meaningful to me.  I recognize that my community if one of my greatest resources.

…I make MONEY doing what I love and invest my time in experiences that are life affirming and positive to my soul. I make my own schedule.

…I get to go in nature often, to go on hikes regularly and to travel to beautiful locations all over the world.

…I’m not MONEY DRIVEN, but rather PASSION and PURPOSE DRIVEN… and the outcome is that even though I am still a work-in-progress, 95% of my experience is comprised of joy, love and freedom.

…Everything I do I do out of CHOICE. The word obligation doesn’t exist in my life anymore. I don’t “should” on myself.

I am now living a life that is truly priceless and I have a deep irrevocable sense of inner peace. I have a life that is both emotionally rich and materially abundant.

I realize now that the point of me losing everything in the Tech Collapse, was NOT a “loss” at all, but rather a profound GIFT containing the greatest riches I could have imagined.

No amount of money could replace my discovery of the infinite treasure that exists within me, that I could only have realized through those trials and tribulations.

My former life was no life at all.  I was a prisoner to money and the mental shackles of my material preoccupation. Fill-fullment should never be confused with Fulfillment.

Every experience of pain, struggle and “loss” was really a “gift in disguise” to help me to realize my Self worth beyond my net worth. Each of those experiences afforded me the character, strengths and unique gifts I have today and have enriched me with a life of authentic abundance.