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What To Do To Resolve Stress and Being Triggered

Laura shares a few tips on how to manage stress and being triggered when things don’t go as planned.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, it’s Laura Fredrickson, I am here in Copenhagen little town called *****and I’m on my trust tour, not to be confused with trust fund tour, and beware of what you wish for. 

This last month has been incredibly intense and basically every trigger you could imagine that would reveal to me the aspects of myself that are not fully trusting, where triggered.

So it's been quite intense, I know a lot of you have been going through intense times as well. So just wanted to offer some living reminders what has supported me through those intense times and hopefully will support you as well. 

So the first thing that I always do when I'm going to challenge is I ask the question “how is the serving me?” How is this actually an ambassador for greater well being and to assist me in to full realization of becoming the best version of myself? So that's question number one and I always try to remember I'm a work in progress, but I always try to remember that everything is actually happening for me, and that things are not falling apart; they're falling together. Now of course, I play a pivotal role in that scenario through the placement of my attention because were each gifted free will. Which means we're having to collaborate and partner with these laws, with the universe to activate and to realize our best life. So the first question, “how is this serving me?”

The second thing which is so vital is to get out in nature. I know sometimes I get really caught up in my tack and I forget the essential foundation that I'm supported, always supported by this thing called earth. And sometimes when I just get out and lay my belly on the earth, I go out for a walk, I can be reminded of this creative force that is truly benevolent. That is intending for me to thrive and just the simple affirmation that all is well, this too shall pass, and those things start to set a new of vibrational set point for me. Which is essential for things to shift and for things to dissipate.

So remember you're always on vibrationalmatch.com and also keep in mind from a higher perspective we are in a mercury retrograde right now, and each mercury retrograde carries a particular theme. The theme we’re in right now is carrying the energy of a nine, and nine is all about letting go, surrendering, releasing that which doesn't serve. So oftentimes that has to do with the belief, a way of thinking, and so when we can step into awareness of what that is, ask the deeper question “how is this serving us?”

Get out on the earth; things can shift so…

Sending you so much love from Copenhagen. I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow and intending flow and ease, and grace to all of you fellow travelers, so…

Until next time.

The Divine

Video Transcription

Divine to me with all things being energy, is an incredible life giving energy that is breathing me and beating my heart, and it is managing all the incredible sounds that I hear right now and this incredible life.

So when I speak of divine I’m just really referring to that life giving benevolent energy that is available to all of us. And there are many labels to put on it: source, great mystery, infinite intelligence, but it’s a benevolent life giving energy that intends our well being.

And I know this, and I’m assured of this because I’ve been ****every single day of my life since I’ve been on the planet, so I’m constantly reminding myself of this incredible energy that I refer to as “The Divine”.