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Relationship To Money

Video Transcription

Hi everyone,

it’s Laura Fredrickson in the Institute of True Wealth.

Today I want to talk about a subject that not a lot of people want to talk about. It’s what I refer to as “the number one silent killer”, and that is our relationship with money.

There’s a huge focus on how to make money, how to invest money, but nobody’s talking about our fundamental relationship with money, which is inherently flawed. So I want to invite you to take a moment and consider a really important question: “Is there anything more valuable to you than how you feel?” If the answer is no, which it should be, this is an important time to really reconsider your choices on a daily basis.

I know and work with so many individuals that up until recently really made decisions and choices that were out there on expense. In other words they were out making money, making a living but were emotionally broke in the process. So if you have bought into the cultural hallucination and BS, which is a fear-based believe system, that you have to work hard for money, you have to work hard to make ends meet, you have to put your nose to the grindstone and pound the pavement, it’s all bullshit! The truth is you’re intended to thrive; you’re intended to share your gifts in exchange for what we call money, which is simply an appreciation currency.

Money was initially created as a way to exchange goods and services in the spirit of ease and grace, so people weren’t schlepping goats on their backs in exchange for spices. So what’s happened over the course of time, is man has distorted and adopted all of his own, and her own beliefs as it relates to money. The good news is you perception is creating your reality; your reality consists of relationships, health, career and money.

Money is just one version or materialization and manifestation of your beliefs about it. So in the moment that you realize that your perception’s creating your reality, which is why we have seven and a half billion realities happening simultaneously when you can remember that the sources of your power, freedom and fulfillment resides in your attention and resides in your perception, you can start to deliberately shift those beliefs around money.

And when you start to shift your beliefs around money and by the way, this doesn’t mean you have to do that with all 60,000 to 80,000 of your thoughts because that would be absolutely exhausting, all that’s required is you shift the inner ratio of your attention from 49% to 51% of what you prefer; and there’s something in physics called momentum.

And so things will start to shift. You will on a short amount of time within about thirty days start to see new evidence, and a new way of being as it relates to life as, it relates to work, you're able to renegotiate your own terms.

So if you're somebody who is truly sick and tired of being sick and tired you realize fundamentally that something is off if you're spending the majority of your day just to make money at your own expense and you're not feeling good in your experience, I can help you, I can support you, I created the Institute of True Wealth which is an incredible online membership community where I can offer to you amazing prices principles on the essence of your true value, your self worth, and help you to easily shift that BS or sphere based beliefs and perceptions that you've adopted over time.

You won't ever have to go to therapy again, we're not going to review what happened at age five and then how that should begin at age twelve, and what happened last week…

All that's required is a spirit of awareness and when you come into awareness of beliefs that no longer serve you a very simple five step process that will allow you to shift that once and for all.

So if you'd like to join me I would welcome you and invite you to claim the life that you're born for, I look forward to knowing you and supporting you to live a life of absolute passion purpose and prosperity.

Tragedy to Triumph

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, it’s Laura, Institute of True Wealth... What is True Wealth? It’s a very great question; it's one that I sat with most of my life. Having lost both of my parents to a dual suicide over their confusion over money, and losing millions of dollars I nearly took my life because I had assigned my worth, and my value, and my security, and my freedom, and my happiness to money. And I realize now that the purpose to all of that pain as is the case with most of our hardships and our challenges, is really a gift to put us intimately in touch with the source of our true freedom, and happiness, and security. 

So I have renegotiated my terms and have chosen to experience true wealth. And the essence of true wealth is having a life that is based in experience, based in love, based in joy, based on connection, which permeates all categories and sectors of our life; relationships, career, doing work that we love, being in service to others, sharing our gifts, money, which means that we are empowered in our relationship with money; that money is not governing our choices, but rather is a reflection and appreciation currency for our divine gifts, and for our service. As well as an offering to other people's gifts and services.

So true wealth is having that experience of joy, and freedom, and love, and connection, and allowing that to inform our relationships; career, health and money.

I just want to remind everybody that as far as I know we only get one go at this. I know that suicide rates are at an all time high; every 40 seconds someone is taking their life on the planet. And money is the number one cause of stress. So many people are awakening at this time; perhaps you’re one of those people to realize their self worth beyond their net worth. To realize that when we go within we can’t never go without. Regardless of if you've lost millions of dollars, or your home, or a relationship, or your health, I want to empower each and every single one of you that are listening to my words right now to remember that god, source, spirit, universe is flowing through you as you. You are an incredible, empowered powerful being. And your power originates in your perceptions, and your beliefs, and your thoughts. And whatever you believe is possible can become your reality.

Change occurs at the speed of thoughts, so I just want to remind everybody if you're feeling lost, powerless, depressed, confused, frustrated, it's not the end; things are not falling apart, they're falling together; but you’re co-creator in your experience and so in this moments I invite you to go within, to quiet the egoic voice that wants to tell you that it's hopeless, and it's over, and there's nothing left to live for, that this is the point. This is the inception point for your greatest realizations if you so choose. And if you choose to go into that darkness, and if you choose to go into that confusion, and if you choose to meet that frustration with acceptance and with love, there will be an opening. And within that opening you will be able to see a clear vision; you’ll get a sense and maybe the vision isn't going to contain all of the details, but you’ll get a glimpse of what's possible for you in your life. And I want you to know that if I could survive the dual suicide of my parents, and my own bout with suicide, and losing millions of dollars in the stock market, and facing foreclosure, and being in an abusive relationship, and all of the drama that you could possibly imagine; I if I experience that and found my way through to the other side of the life of true wealth, you can do it.

So this video is here to say that if you're looking for a sign, if you're looking for inspiration, to love yourself, to inform your life from an authentic place to share your gifts, and to experience what I call being a “fulfillionaire”, this is your sign. 

I'm sending so much love to you, you're not alone. You're exactly where you need to be in your journey, in your process. And I bow to you, I thank you, I honor you for your courage, for your strength; I know it's not easy, but it's a lot easier to be authentic and true to yourself than to live a lie, and to live an experience that's no longer serving you.

Please reach out if there's any way that I can support you. I want you to know that you're not alone, I'm here for you and I love you; I do. I love you, and you’re loved, so, until next time. Big kiss and hug from Berlin.