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The Divine

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Divine to me with all things being energy, is an incredible life giving energy that is breathing me and beating my heart, and it is managing all the incredible sounds that I hear right now and this incredible life.

So when I speak of divine I’m just really referring to that life giving benevolent energy that is available to all of us. And there are many labels to put on it: source, great mystery, infinite intelligence, but it’s a benevolent life giving energy that intends our well being.

And I know this, and I’m assured of this because I’ve been ****every single day of my life since I’ve been on the planet, so I’m constantly reminding myself of this incredible energy that I refer to as “The Divine”.

The Beauty of Forgiveness

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Part of forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself; first and foremost forgiving myself for every single choice that I’ve ever made and I’ve done this for what I call “higher selfish reasons”, because when I’m in a state of forgiveness I felt that I’m aligned with my true nature, and I’ve come to realize that every time that I forgive I’m actually in the deepest form of appreciation for how my life has unfolded. And every time I recollect anything that’s happened in my life, I can see within that experience that was an absolute incredible gift that I never would have received if I wouldn’t had gone thru the experience exactly how it was.

So forgiveness for me has just been such an incredible catalyst for my happiness and I’ve reached into a whole other level of really realizing the divinity consciousness that we talk about so much in our community, which is really, really deeply understanding that everything in my life has happened for me and not to me.

And when I really come into that deep, deep knowing of that degree of support that is available, that the entire universe is conspiring for our well being and these incredible gifts that we call life experience is operating for our benefit so that we can become more intimate with our own hearts.

Forgiveness is a catalyst for me to really step into that deep realization. And of course on the other side of that is realizing there is really nothing to forgive when we realize that everything is actually happening for our benefit, and for a deeper experience of love and connection.

Self Mastery

Now is the time for greater Self Mastery.

Life is dishing up
many contrasting experiences for you, for the purpose of informing your newfound “yes”. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how to work with this beneficial server and It’s intent in promoting your greatest fulfillment. After their contrasting experience, most will unconsciously continue to speak about what they didn’t like, and focus on what went “wrong”, which will create more of the same in a different package, courtesy of the magnetic Universe in which we live.

Through this newfound awareness, you have the ability to acknowledge aspects of your personal experience that are no longer serving you.   Your awareness is encouraged through an incredible mechanism called “contrast” which is intended to support your clarity, authentic desires and evolution.

After experiencing contrast in your life, you can use this gift by placing your attention on your newfound clarity – and focus more often than not, on what it is you ARE wanting moving forward. This will guarantee more of these experiences to come your way.

From this state of awareness, you can begin to deliberately decide to face ONLY the aspects of your reality that DO feel good, are life affirming and positive to you and no longer face aspects that are frustrating and unenjoyable to you.

This is the Ultimate form of denial, for in this Vibrational Universe, what you place your attention on will continue to show up in your reality. Facing love and facing appreciation, will surely promote more of the same.

Here is what the media won’t tell you….

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Hey everyone, 

it’s Laura Fredrickson; I am here on the Kohala coast in Hawaii finishing up the last few days of a seven month journey all around the world. Starting in Europe I went to Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany, and then flew to London, and then on to Hawaii where I've been for the last couple of months. And it’s been the most amazing adventure. 

I have to say if you want to get over fear and prejudice, get out and see the world. For any of you that may have felt some envy as you saw my posts and my travels, and my adventures, harness that envy and get out. Our time is limited and we can never expect tomorrow to come, and so I'm humbly grateful that I went on my own trust tour, and I went out. And I want to say that everything that you've seen on the media in terms of fear, and people doing bad things, I know that that exists, but the majority of the time the people that you encounter are just like you; they're full of love, they’re wanting joy and an experience of freedom in their lives. 

So get out, see the world, experience the magic that's all around and most importantly that within you.

Sending so much love to each and every one of you from the big island of Hawaii.

Story Addiction

historyyouOne of the primary reasons peoples experiences don´t change is they continue to regurgitate the same story over and over

In the Spirit of finality and completion, may you give yourself the Ultimate gift of moving forward, by telling A NEW STORY! Everything in life is “story” but the most important one is the one you tell yourself. From this story the Universal manager of Law of Response is validating your inner dialogue by delivering to you more of the same. Your NEW reality can only show up by coming into alignment with it and from NO LONGER TELLING YOUR OLD STORY! There are many clever variations of “story addiction” and “indulgence”. In the Spiritual community this shows up in the form of “processing”. In the conventional community in the form of “Therapy”. There is a time and place for this type of support – but solely to bring you into awareness.

In the moment that you are able to “tell your story” and articulate your experience, you have brought the un-conscious into consciousness and have stepped into AWARENESS. Awareness allows you to form a new choice and newfound preference moving forward. But awareness is not enough. From this awareness of newfound choice you must begin to shift your inner ratio of attention to your new preference and begin to tell your new “story”. This is true essence of “Fake It til You Make It”.


Please remember that the Universe is responding to your current vibration and does not know the difference between your past, present and future. It also does not speak English, French or Japanese – but rather the language of ENERGY. It is energetically impossible to focus on what you are “letting go of”, and let go of something. Even though your language suggests your “letting go” or “healing”, your focus is STILL on the very subject that you are “letting go” of or “healing” from. Even though you may think it is beneficial to become Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew – to review what happened to you years ago, or why it happened, or who you attracted characteristics from, or any variation thereof, your attention is still being placed on the very energy, and the very story you are wanting to transform. Law of Attraction will deliver you the same energy over and over again, only in a different package. This is why the quality of most people’s lives never really change.


As you come into the clarity of what you prefer after your personal experience of “irritation”, you are being routed to greater alignment. This is the alignment of your attention on your desires, which becomes your newfound story. This new story should always carry the predominant theme of your true essence of love, joy and connection, and articulate your truest character. From this place the Universe will cast new characters in your Divine Drama to ensure that your new story becomes your reality.

You are powerful beyond measure. This is the most potent time in our evolution. In order for true change to occur on this planet, we must individually begin to take accountability and direction of our greatest commodity – our attention. After all, since we are all creators, we might as well create something beautiful.♥

Eliminate Overwhelm

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The #1 cause of overwhelm is not minding our own business. Your only business is to focus on ‘what’ you want and ‘why’ you want it. When you focus on ‘what’ you want and ‘why’ you want it, you stay connected to your emotional motivation for doing what you’re doing.

This is vital for your enjoyment, and essential for your consistent motivation, and the longevity of your intent. Leave the details of ‘how’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and with ‘whom’ to the Universal orchestration of things. Believe me when I say It can coordinate the details far more ‘automagically’ than you can.