The Cost of Rescuing

Ever since I can remember as a little girl I was exerting myself to relieve my parents suffering, and giving to others at my own emotional expense.

This began the unconscious patterning of having to do something to feel loved, and thinking I needed to save people from their suffering.

Recently I have remembered on a core level, that everyone is exactly where they need to be in their own process!

It is not my place- despite what I thought were the best intentions, to interfere with God(desses) plan.

Why would I ever want to rob someone of their opportunity to experience suffering, for the Ultimate purpose of remembering the Source of their true power and identity?

Suffering can be a Divine Catalyst, if we so choose, to Free us from the grand illusion that our well being resides in the external.

We each have Free Will or Free Won’t, to choose to step up and into our true power, however this is an individual choice, with a specific timeline.

With my new found awareness of not being responsible for anyone else’s well being or choices, I no longer suffer from the attachment of them “getting it”! 🤣

Hallelujah! We are all exactly where we need to be in our process. Live and let live. Live and let suffer.

Now I can simply focus on my journey and my joy and be an energetic example for others, if they so choose.

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