As a Financial Wellness Expert & Empowerment SpecialistI am recognized for my ability to support people to shift their fundamentally flawed relationship with money and misguided approach to life, and to come into alignment with Natural Principles and Universal Flow states, enabling them to reclaim their true inheritance of living a life that is rich emotionally, experientially and materially.

I am a leading authority in initiating the new paradigm of success, which incorporates holistic emotional wellbeing in the areas of health, relationships, money and creative expression. This new paradigm is one that is grounded in passion, purpose, joy, ease and abundance, and is based in  the experience I call being a “Fulfillionaire.”

I have enriched the lives of countless individuals for over 18 years to include  Victoria Secret Supermodels, Olympic Athletes, UN

 Ambassadors, Fortune 500 Executives, Celebrities, Diplomats and Global Leaders.

As a result of your Personal Prosperity Sessions with me, you will align with the essence of how you are intended to experience your life  as a Fulfillionaire!

Some of the many Priceless Gems you will  receive:

  • Empowerment in Money, Relationships, Career & Health
  • Knowing your Self Worth & Value
  • Sustainable Happiness and Inner Peace
  • Emotional & Mental Freedom
  • Right Relationship to Money
  • Living your Truth
  • Authentic Purpose
  • True Security
  • Confidence
  • Fulfillment
  • Clarity
  • Ease
  • Love

Join me on a journey to realizing prosperity and authentic abundance in your life! 

Sessions take place by phone, are 1 hour in duration and are recorded for your future benefit.


“ Laura Fredrickson is genius and master at what she does. I have never had someone penetrate my money resistance like her. I have made leaps and bounds in a short amount of time, transforming my fears around money into empowerment and joy. ”

Preston Smiles , Motivational speaker, Simon & Schuster Author

“ I used to be in a state of chronic anxiety and exhaustion and not reaching my financial goals. Once I started working with Laura, I started to feel better immediately and saw a near instant improvement in my finances. Since then, I’ve been able to triple an investment. Our work together has also given me the confidence to start my own business, which has quickly reached profitability.”

Stefanie Syman , Entrepreneur & Author

“ Before working with Laura, there was always an underlying fear that the "other shoe" would drop and the money would run out. Stress and worry, no matter how much was reflected in my account. After working with Laura, I now feel a core trust in life & a deep sense of gratitude. I have created my dream job and feel a sense of ease around money for the first time in my life. Everything in my life has improved and I feel an overall state of freedom, empowerment and love in my life.”

Sam Saturn , CMO SESAC