Honoring Your Gifts
I know that there’s a lot of people right now that are diseased because they’re not feeling on path, they’re[...]
It’s Time To Come Alive
Hey everyone, it’s Laura Fredrickson of the Institute of True Wealth, and I want to give you an important absolutely[...]
Are You Coming From Fear or Love? Anger or Passion?
Video TranscriptionHey everyone,I’m here on the Big Island of Hawaii blessed with this amazing black sand beach. The ocean you[...]
Ingredients for Winning in the Game of Life
Filmed at the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.
What To Do To Resolve Stress and Being Triggered
Laura shares a few tips on how to manage stress and being triggered when things don't go as planned.
You will never “find” happiness! Here is why…
Laura explains how happiness and fulfillment can actually be experienced
The Power of Your Attention!
Here is an easy way to create a sense of inner peace and a healthy relationship with yourself.
Let go of judgement! It ´s time to embrace our past and who we have become.
Laura encourages you to embrace your life and who you are.
This Practice Changed My Life Forever
Laura shares a powerful practice that will help you elevate your experience and live a life that feels good.
If you are tired of New Years resolutions that don´t stick, here’s how you get new results!
Laura shares important realizations as to why most people's New Years resolutions don't stick, and how to bring about sustainable[...]
Go With The Flow
The importance of our thoughts and how we can cultivate gratitude and appreciation in our lives.
The Importance of Patience
Laura shares the Priceless reminder to be patient with ourselves and trust the process.
Here is what the media won’t tell you….
Hey everyone, it’s Laura Fredrickson; I am here on the Kohala coast in Hawaii finishing up the last few days[...]
Ingredients for Winning in the Game of Life
Laura shares powerful insights about the creative process and the essential ingredients for winning at the game of life. Filmed[...]
Looking for a reason to be happy and grateful?
​Video TranscriptionWhat’s up beautiful people? It’s Laura; happy Friday, here in Berlin.I wanted to just share the priceless reminder of[...]
You Don’t Have to Justify Choices that Feel Good
Laura Fredrickson, empowerment specialist reminds you that it is your birthright to experience joy, love and freedom.
Higher Self-ishness
Laura shares from a 14th century monastery in Spain, the important reminder of Self care.
Tragedy to Triumph
Laura shares her intimate story of realizing a life of True Wealth, and offers the powerful relief that we are[...]
Self Mastery
Now is the time for greater Self Mastery. Life is dishing up many contrasting experiences for you, for the purpose[...]
Loving Reminder
Loving reminder.
Is Money in Control of Your Life?
It is time for many to commit suicide, but we must leave our bodies out of it. When our luxuries,[...]
Patience & The Creative Process
​Video TranscriptionHey everyone, it's Laura Fredrickson with the Institute of True Wealth.I’m up here in Eden, Utah, Summit mountain. Elevation: epic.[...]
It’s Never Too Late to Make Peace with Your Past
We all have the ability to retell our stories, and in so doing liberate ourselves.
The Gift of My Parents Suicide
I am guessing many, who read this, will consider a tribute to suicide "crazy". For the thought of gratitude, amidst[...]
Spiritual Outfit & a Suit
JUDGEMENT has many disguises. One of the most powerful reminders of this was during my recent trip to Morgan Stanley[...]
Financial systems are unstable, suicide is rampant, and disease is escalating.  Millions of people have lost their way.  We have[...]
How To trump Trump
Laura offers hope and a new understanding of how to turn your frustration regarding President Trump, into an opportunity. Listen[...]