Laura Fredrickson is a Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Soul Whisperer who considers herself to be a global citizen that is in love with humanity.

The loss of Laura’s parents to a dual suicide and her own brush with suicide after losing everything in the tech collapse were the catalysts for Laura’s journey back to self, and her life’s purpose to guide other’s who had lost their way.

Laura has been an intuitive guide for over 20+ years, enriching and empowering the lives of those she serves through her personal sessions, books, live events, webinars, online programs, personal sessions and The Prosperity Institute ~devoted to creating a life of passion, purpose and prosperity.

Laura’s global mission is to awaken people to the true source of their freedom, fulfillment and well being, and to initiate a deep remembrance of their innate value and signature significance to this planet.

Trusted Advisor with More Than 20 Years of Experience

As a trusted advisor, Laura has enriched the lives of countless individuals for over 20 years through personal and corporate coaching, live workshops, speaking events, webinars and online programs.

These experiences were potent catalysts for Laura’s life purpose to guide others who have lost their way and have assigned their worth, happiness and security to fleeting standards.

Science-Based Spiritual Economics with Proven Results

Laura's ‘Prosperity’ teachings on true wealth and true worth expose the false concepts that have kept us trapped in limitation, hypnotized by the belief that the source of our happiness and freedom is outside of us, giving us a path back home to ourselves. A path back to our true value, our true abundance, and the power to manifest our purpose and potential beyond what we had imagined possible!

Laura’s Prosperity Principles and practices are science based spiritual economics for true wealth. These simple, proven and easily applied methodologies have successfully guided countless individuals to a place of sovereignty, independence and emotional freedom.

Harness Your Power and Create the Life you are Born For

With suicide and depression at an all time high (with money stress being the #1 catalyst), millions of people have lost their way - committing literal and emotional suicide over their confusion about money and their worth.

Laura has chosen to harness her experiences as a way to give back and empower those that are ready to awaken to their true power and create the lives they were born for.

Laura is renowned for her ability to support people in shifting setbacks and challenges into an experience of inspiration and opportunity. She is consistently focused on solutions that have immediate and permanent benefit.

Empowerment, Freedom, Fulfillment and Prosperity

Also noted for her intuitive ability, Laura aligns people with their authentic value, purpose and Self worth, and the timeless Natural Laws that govern their lives - resulting in an experience of empowerment, freedom, fulfillment and prosperity.

With her clear and poignant communication skills and proven methodology, Laura promotes empowerment, authenticity and personal happiness. She inspires us to live a life of what she calls a ‘Fulfillionaire’ – which is a holistic experience that is rich in all ways.

Start Living the Life you are Born For

Rooted in an ancient wisdom and earthy authenticity, you can't spend time with Laura without walking away inspired to be more yourself, and motivated to start living the life you were born for.

Laura has had experiences that would surely have destroyed many people; and has utilized these experiences as a powerful catalyst for transformation within herself so that she could share this transformation in the context of an easy path that anyone can follow - eventually helping millions of people remember their self love and personal power.

James Barnard

In a world seemingly over saturated with self help and diluted spiritually. I crave Laura’s honest, genuine reflections. They pack a certain punch and I think the only word to describe her offerings is “genuine”. She is raw, real, and bang on in her advice and it lifts me up always when I need it most!

Anthony Berlingeri

Laura is living proof and an exemplar, of someone who has been very far into the darkness, and has come back. She is therefore a very credible person with whom to explore this new way of relating to money, prosperity, safety, security and control. She is credible in ways that most simply are not. ~

Barnet Bain

Words have no power to describe what I felt and saw, when reading this book. This is the owner's manual that humans are looking for and is incredibly powerful energy and information, and Laura’s craft is flawless. This is the knowledge that every human is looking for, and should be presented at birth.

Jessie Coleman