At the Lemurian Sacred Stone Chamber

Ubud, Bali 

Discover Tranquility in Ubud's Ancient Stone Chamber: A Journey to Inner Harmony 

 Imagine a place where time stands still, and the energies of ancient wisdom intertwine with your very essence. Picture yourself in the heart of Ubud, Bali, surrounded by lush greenery and the gentle whispers of nature. Now, envision stepping into an ancient stone chamber, where the past and present converge, inviting you on a transformative journey to heal, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your inner self.

Unveiling the Mystique of the Ancient Stone Chamber:

In the heart of Ubud lies a sacred sanctuary—an ancient stone chamber resonating with the energy of centuries past. This chamber, unique to our space, serves as a portal to inner harmony and spiritual awakening. As you enter, feel the cool touch of the ancient stones and sense the energy that has been woven into the very fabric of the space.

Your Personal Oasis of Healing:

This is not just a chamber; it is a secret haven that is infused with ancient technology, all in service to your healing journey. Picture yourself lying comfortably as the energies of the ancient stones envelop you. The ambiance is serene, the vibrations are palpable, and you are about to embark on a sacred odyssey to reconnect with your true essence.

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Quantum healing on every level with World Renowned Healer Laura Fredrickson!

$155 USD

Meet Laura Fredrickson Your Guide...
Meet Laura Fredrickson Your Guide...

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Meet Laura Fredrickson, your seasoned guide on this soulful adventure. With 23 years of experience as a spiritual guide and intuitive healer, Laura brings not only expertise but a compassionate heart dedicated to your well-being. She is here to facilitate your journey, offering insights, intuitive healing, and spiritual guidance tailored to your unique path.

Laura is a TedX Speaker, Best Selling Author and was featured in Forbes, honoring her work of the past 23 years.

What Awaits You in Our Healing Sessions:

  •  Lemurian Stone Chamber Sessions: Immerse yourself in the healing energies of Lemurian stones. This sacred stone chamber contains rare healing stones and ancient technology which have a powerful vibratory effect.  This vibrational healing will transfer positive energy to your body and mind.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Benefit from Laura's intuitive insights as she gently guides you through the realms of self-discovery and spiritual understanding.
  • Intuitive Healing: Allow the energy of the ancient stones and Laura's intuitive healing techniques to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, promoting holistic well-being.

Your Invitation to Inner Harmony:

This isn't just a healing session; it's an invitation to rediscover the harmony that resides within you. It's an opportunity to release the weight of the past, embrace the present moment, and chart a course towards a more spiritually aligned future.

Book Your Healing Session Today:

Embark on a journey to inner harmony. Book your session now and experience the transformative power of healing in Ubud's ancient stone chamber. The universe has aligned for this moment, and your path to inner harmony awaits.

Embrace the energies of Ubud, Bali, and let the ancient stones and Laura Fredrickson guide you toward a profound state of inner harmony. Your soulful journey awaits.

In Service to Your Inner Harmony,


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Quantum healing on every level with World Renowned Healer Laura Fredrickson!

$155 USD

Lemurian Sacred Stone Chamber

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Online Healing Sessions + Activations are also available with Laura.
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Online Healing, Activation +  Empowerment Session

Reset / Restore / Remember

Quantum healing on every level with World Renowned Healer Laura Fredrickson!

$155 USD

It is a blessing to have been guided by Laura , she is an embodiment of grace and she will hold your hand with feather firmness. Experience a divine space of healing. The stones carry wisdom and they will know the answer to your wounds. Laura stands as a guide ever-present through the journey, she is as intuitive as the wind and she will know how to support your unique journey. I highly praise the steps of anyone who is walking to the stones , Laura is the perfect light to support and show you the graceful way through.Thank you for the grace and healing.


I absolutely loved my inner harmony session with Laura in the Lemurian stone chamber. She is an extremely warm, loving, healing guide on the journey of awakening and remembrance with the ancient technology of the stones. The chamber is so powerful and set in a tranquil location amongst the sounds of nature. It was truly a life changing experience and I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you are on a journey of awakening to your own consciousness and remembering who you are.

Megan Vasquez

Laura is the best guide you can have, her energy is magnetising and she is the most gentle and beautiful soul. She really helps in rebalancing your energies with her intuitive gifts. Booking a session with her is the best experience you can have.

Joywyn Dias

The Stone Chamber was a genuinely sincere experiential meeting . Laura's capacity to hold space and give guidance is impeccable. From the fresh alluring scents of the oils and sprays she anoints you with, to the poetry and wisdom she holds from Lemuria. I felt the gentility of our ancestors in full presence, a response that honours the stones and its custodians. One feels entirely immersed in a profoundly transformational experience. I recommend this offering for anyone wishing to receive this Wisdom.

Mia Paul

I recently had an inner harmony session with Laura at the Sacred Stone Chamber, and it was truly a transformative experience. Laura's guidance and energy during the session were incredibly powerful,  leaving me with a sense of inner peace and clarity that I had never experienced before. This session was one of the most remarkable I have ever had in my lifetime. Laura's expertise and the ambiance of the Sacred Stone Chamber created a perfect environment for deep healing and self-discovery. I highly recommend Laura to anyone seeking profound inner harmony and spiritual growth.

Ibi Ghazy

This experience was amazing, so heart-opening and beautiful. And Laura is the best guide you could ask for going into this. Don’t let yourself miss this opportunity full of love and light.

Zyan Gorraez

Laura is incredible! My Inner Harmony session left me feeling so connected, grounded and peaceful. The combination of her ancient wisdom and these ancient stones in the chamber is a life changing combination! Thank you Laura for all of the priceless insights and tools you gave me to take with me after I left Bali! Highly Recommend! 

Colleen Schell

I had the best experience with Laura, she guides you with knowledge and patience through the whole process, I left this magic place with a great feeling of gratitude and comfort in my heart!

Karla Gallegos

Just a super fantastic 5 star rating experience. Laura’s work and offerings are next level. A must.

Robert Kent

Great session Laura is pure Love and connection and the space is amazing!

Monique Vinay

Amazing! A beautiful connection with the energy of the Universe and so much inner peace.

Jorge Domínguez

Thank you, Laura, for the special experience you gave me! Words can't describe how I felt there.

Emma Dumitrescu

Laura Fredrickson has a spiritual awareness so transcendent it will take you to the mountain top, yet a real-world sense so grounded you will come back to the valley ready to rock the free world! Rooted in ancient wisdom and earthy authenticity, you can't spend time with Laura without walking away inspired to be more yourself, and motivated to start living the life you were born for.

Derek Rydall

I reached out to Laura to connect with my personal guides and ancestors. I was touched by her accuracy on many fronts. One of the guides she mentioned had been a face I had seen for quite some time but I didnt realize who it was. She also channeled some specific sounds I had made as a little girl which were very helpful for me. She also brought forth a message regarding my pet- which was later validated by a pet intuitive. Amazing! In the crowded world of coaches, healers, and intuitives, Laura’s remarkable light and talents shine bright. She is the real deal and without hesitation, I highly recommend working with her.

Janet Dean

Through my blessed work I’ve had the privilege of serving along side the worlds most respected evolutionary leaders. After spending countless intimate hours with Laura Fredrickson I can say with all sincerity that humans just don’t get much better. She is a pure and radiant light, consistently focused on solutions and possibilities. I’ve witnessed instant and permanent transformation in those fortunate enough to be guided by Laura. Her technique is gentle and purely loving.

M. Willis

Dearest Laura.

What wonderful things you bring about to help all of us in this journey of life to experience greater harmony. When we lost our precious daughter, you offered messages for her father and me.  You were spot on with those messages.The messages contained accurate and current information that you couldn’t have possibly known.Please know that in our darkest despair, your messages were a ‘God Send’ to us. Thank you for your help and for your caring, loving heart. Much Love.

Judy Hendricks

After only 1 session with Laura, I experienced such a profound shift in my conscious awareness, it literally changed my life! Laura possesses the innate ability to reach into the very depths of your soul and gently guide you into your own remembering of your authentic truth. You owe it to yourself to experience this beautiful Light for yourself. I can’t wait for my next session! Thank you, Laura, from the bottom of my heart.

Jill M Jackson, Award Winning Psychic Medium

Through working with Laura, I’ve come into relationship with myself in a new way and discovered how to “flip the script” on the mindsets that were sabotaging me. She has guided me with compassion and wisdom, providing me with a roadmap when I felt lost in drama and chaos. Laura has a profound gift for elevating women to become the most fulfilled versions of themselves and I am deeply grateful for her work.

Abby Epstein

Laura is a life changing coach and spirit guide. She has helped me let go of stories I was telling myself that were holding me back. Since I started working with Laura, my life is more joyful, my company is more successful, and I am much more present for all of it. I am deeply grateful to her.

Molly Barton

I decdied to have a session with Laura in the stone chamber - I have felt very safe and secure so I could focus on myself and my intention. She has a strong, powerful, yet gentle presence. Definitely if you visit the place I would highly recommend book session with Laura as it gives up to the experience and is much more relaxing and opening for your inner journey:)

Klaudyna Hebda

Laura is truly gifted. She has a soothing, intelligent, compassionate and insightful way to champion your spirit and to align your soul to its true nature. I have learned a lot from her over working together over the years. There are sayings she imparts during her work that I often recall in my day to day life happenings to approach them with more ease and grace. Laura is a blessing and truly cares for others at a deep level. I would recommend if you are considering working with her to go for it! Your life will definitely be better with her guidance.

Doug Akin

The stones in the chamber open you up and really give you love warmth and dig deep into the undesirable parts as well. I highly recommend laying upon these stones and let them guide you with Laura's assistance.

Alicia Alexander

My sessions with Laura have truly transformed my life. Her gifts and strengths; wisdom and connections were delivered in such a potent manner. I am forever grateful to Laura.

Iya Vassa

Laura has been an inspiration to my life. She is a guiding energy that was pivotal on my path both spiritually and energetically. She is open in sharing her life experiences and has helped so many people to manifest their desires and their best selves.

Nancy Caruso

Working with Laura is the best investment I've ever made in my personal well being. Her compassion and consistency has helped me grow, to understand myself more deeply, and enjoy my life more fully. Starting from our very first session, I had actionable steps that helped me feel better and continue to ripple positive momentum throughout my life. Her wisdom and partnership is priceless, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with her one-on-one and receive the personalized attention she offers. I'm happier than ever, receiving more opportunities than ever, and living a life I'm excited about! Highly Recommended! Can't wait to come to Bali to experience Laura's wisdom and guidance along with the ancient stone chamber! What a powerful combination!

Laura Fredrickson

Laura is pure wisdom and she is tapped into a deeper place in the universe than many of us get to venture to, but through sessions with Laura she will generously share this knowledge with you and guide you to hear your own inner wisdom. After my set of sessions I felt a renewed sense of my place in the world and in life and felt so much gratitude for it all and for Laura.

Erin Northcott (The Boundless Series)

Laura’s Inner Healing session at the Lemurian Stone Chamber was incredibly powerful. The energy of the stones was palpable, and I’m not even a person who is usually sensitive to such things. Laura’s guided meditations and explanations of each stone really helped me come into deep states of presence. Her oracle reading at the end was very synchronistic, as I had just been discussing those exact things the day before and saying how I wanted to work on them. I felt Laura’s warmth and radiant energy from the moment I arrived. Her love and wisdom made the whole experience feel magical, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for healing or a profound shift in their life.

James Anderson

A very special and unique healing experience. It was so amazing to be close to these ancient stones and be guided by Laura in this process. I felt nurtured, grounded and centered from this session. Highly recommend checking out the Lemurian stone chamber to support your spiritual and healing journey.

Sandra Pavasovic

Laura Fredrickson is a master spiritual coach. Playful and deeply intuitive, Laura has guided me to develop a genuine self-love through which I have created a richer, fuller, more authentically fulfilling life. If you want to be kinder to yourself, show up with less judgement, be accountable without feeling shame, or simply happier, I highly recommend working with Laura.

Susan Friese

I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned during my conversations and sessions with Laura. She has a magical blend of wisdom, humor, truth and insight. She illuminates the best version of myself, and the paths to recognize it. I especially appreciate her spiritual insights and wisdoms. I have had sessions with Laura for three years, and my life is better for them. Thank you, Laura.

Janice Brown

I was blessed to be gifted a session with Laura over 15 years ago. Working with Laura has shifted my life in profound ways and guided me towards deeply knowing my truth. She intuitively always knows when I’ve turned upstream and appears to offer support. And everytime we connect and I experience her incredible gifts I’m back in the flow and feeling joy, peace and love. Her service is invaluable.

Colby DiSarro

The Lemurian stone chamber is a deeply mystical Ancient place for healing & returning back to wholeness. I felt safe, loved & nurtured by Laura as she took me on a wonderful journey into the depths of my heart. I highly recommend for a special unique experience connecting with these sacred crystals & Lauras healing energies combined.

Botanika Herbals

Laura has a marvellous way of asking the right questions to get you thinking and to help you change your beliefs and your mindset. Working with her has changed my life for the better, and I highly recommend anyone who needs support, new perspective and a refresh of your good feelings about yourself and your life.

Natalia Zeltzer

Laura has been a powerful spiritual guide for me to help me understand limiting belief systems (BS) and reframe to come from a higher perspective. Through our work together, I have become more grounded, peaceful, and a more aligned version of myself. I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking to do deep work on themselves  …

Shaunda Brown

As soon as you meet Laura you know you’re in good hands. Her soul will hug you. She helped me throw a journey of losing mum she has been so great throughout the journey . Such an honor to have her as a guide and friend. Thanks again cant recommend her enough

Dario Petrino

During a pivotal juncture in my life, Laura emerged as a guiding light. Her coaching proved invaluable in offering me clarity amidst chaos. From our initial session, Laura skillfully steered my mindset away from turmoil towards a more constructive outlook. She possesses a remarkable talent for imparting essential life skills while equipping me with the tools necessary to chart a clear path forward. Even now, I continue to seek her guidance when faced with uncertainty. Laura is not just a life coach; she is a beacon of wisdom and support.

Ingrid Reyes

Laura has the rare gift of helping me see all the ways I impede my own natural state of joy and ease - with precision and love. I find I'm always inspired and relaxed after a session. Well worth the investment!

Stefanie Syman

I can’t recommend this experience enough! I felt so calm and felt years of stress melt away! Laura is a radiant force of love. I am so grateful.

Yuliarka Made

Since making the powerful choice to invest in myself with Laura’s coaching support and her Priceless Principles for True Wealth, I have discovered within me my infinite worthiness and SOUL wealth that has always been, and always will be. Laura’s embodied wisdom and guidance are masterful, and her support in my soul’s rememberings have been profoundly life transforming. In the months of receiving her powerful coaching and guidance, and applying the priceless principles to my daily life, I have transformed my limiting beliefs around money into powerful personal mantras. I have experienced countless deep soul realizations and rememberings of my true wealth and divine power as the creator of my reality. These practices have been the catalyst for reclaiming my birthright of abundance, emotional well-being, and clarity. I am now living a life of true fulfillment, prosperity, purpose, and empowerment — in ALL areas of my life. Making the powerful choice to transform your life with Laura’s loving support is something that I would highly recommend to anyone who feels the call. It has been the best gift I could ever gift myself. Thank you x infinity to Laura for your love and guidance, I am forever grateful.

Melissa Johnson

I wasn’t sure what to expect but was so intrigued by Lemurian Sacred Stone chamber and was not disappointed. Could really feel the energy in there and felt so deeply relaxed after! Laura has a gift! What a wonderful combination

Gek Tika's

Laura is an outstanding facilitator in helping me find that mind/body/spirit connection which brings peace and joy. I highly recommend her services.

Jessie Morgan

Laura has helped me make massive shifts that have forever changed the way I view every day and all its details. I'm in awe of the shift and am constantly grateful for your wisdom and willingness to serve in the way you do.

Kerry Mayorga

Work with Laura has been very empowering and transformative for the las 15 years. I went to Bali and experienced the stones chamber which has been a very profound experience. Highly Recommend

Sadhana Shakti

Laura is a natural healer! She intuitively knows what people need & she gives it to them. I’m so grateful she’s on the planet!

Michele Clark

Lovely affirming session Laura has a coaching style that I really appreciated, that brought my answers within me to the surface.

Laura M

Such an enchanting experience. I felt so loved and supported and went for the deluxe option. The herbal steam room and a sit in the outdoor pool was a perfect way to integrate the healing session. Can’t wait to come back next visit to Bali!

Bebot 307

I had the best experience with Laura, she guides you with knowledge and patience through the whole process, I left this magic place with a great feeling of gratitude and comfort in my heart!

Karla Gallegos

Thank you, Laura, for the special experience you gave me! Words can't describe how I felt there

Emma Dumitrescu

Great session Laura is pure Love and connection and the space is amazing

Monique Vinay

Deeply appreciative of Laura offering her services in this form to the world.

Joy Rheman

If you are looking for a deeply relaxing session to support you to renew yourself- book asap! Priceless!

Ni Wayan Erika Cahyantari

My session with Laura in the chamber was amazingggggg. Laura’s energy is so nurturing, safe and supportive and immediately felt held. The entire experience was hard to put into language so you must experience for yourself! So powerful - thank you Laura and earth elements!!

Emily Bass

I had such a beautiful and profound rememberance in Laura’s Stone Chamber session. Laura has such a loving, nurturing and angelic presence that allowed me to feel safe and remember from a place of deep relaxation. She Carrie’s such a beautiful Lemuria Frequency that can not not be felt and I’m so grateful she was guiding me on this journey.

Tanja Hirsch

What an incredible experience! First off the location is absolutely stunning! You are in the midst of rice fields. Resort is amazing. The stone chamber was a literal dream! But the best part was experiencing the magic of Laura. I felt so safe, relaxed and nurtured by her energy. She brought me home to a lot of remembrance and peace of the now. I highly recommend this experience!!

Missy Smith

From the beginning, Laura demonstrates warmth and empathy that put anyone at ease. Her intuitive and personalized approach is evident in every aspect of the sessions. Her work helped us tune into our energy and deepen our inner connection. We felt that every word and piece of advice she gave resonated deeply, helping us understand and release emotional and energetic blockages we didn't even know we had.My husband and I highly recommend and thank Laura for attending to us and receiving us in the magical and beautiful Ubud, Bali.

Lvanna Gonzalez

It is a blessing and an experience to have been guided by Laura , she is an embodiment of grace and she will hold your hand in feather firmness. Guide yourself inside and experience a divine space of healing. The stones carry wisdom and they will know the answer to your wounds. Laura stands as a guide ever-present through the journey, she is as intuitive as the wind and she will know how to support you uniquely through. I highly praise as much as i highly add strength to the steps of anyone who is walking to the stones , laura is the perfect light to support and show you the graceful way through. If anyone resonates with her and the stones , i encourage them to trust it and do it. Thank you for the grace and healing. Love , long life and health.

Lakshya upadhyay

Being on a soul-led journey for some time now, I followed the call to Bali without any idea as to what I will "do" on the island, trusting it will all unfold in time. Soon after arriving, I learned about the Lemurian Sacred Stone Chamber in Ubud and the Inner Harmony Session with Laura. It was the first big piece of clear guidance and I felt a deep resounding yes about booking a session.


The Stone Chamber is situated in a beautiful rice field and I could already feel the serenity of the place holding space for me. And so did Laura from the moment she embraced and welcomed me back home and to this special time.


Laura explained all that was needed to know about the stones and the process, gently and intuitively guided me through the different steps and from stone to stone. And most importantly, she held the space for me to connect to the stones, and myself, while performing gentle yet powerful rituals and energy work to help my physical and energetical bodies to release and re-connect, and to remember and mostly accept in my cellular core who I am and why I incarnated at this time.

In retrospect, I felt transported back into an ancient stone ceremony, one that was held in my honour for walking my path, and for slowly and steadily re-establish a relationship I knew in my core has existed within me all my life - a bridge between my human existence and my ancient self, and the abundance of gifts that can travel over this bridge into my current reality if I allow the gates to be opened.

 Ther aren't always words for what happens in the depths of our inner oceans and the long lasting impact such a session can have beyond what our minds can comprehend, but I can say that the whole process felt very organic to me. I was meant to be there at this time, I felt safe, held and lovingly supported on my journey by Laura and all the beings in the room and the space around us. It was just as magical as it felt absolutely familiar to me to be in this place with Laura and the stones, it just felt right.

I trust that everyone is guided to this "personal ceremony" with Laura at the aligned time. So if you are here reading this and you feel the call, honour yourself and follow it - you are worth it!

Much gratitude to Laura who has shown me kindness and guidance beyond the session, it was a true gift to lovingly and safely journey back into cellular ancient memories in your guiding hands

Jennifer Riedel

It was a beautiful blessing to be able to have the time and space to navigate in the this expirience with Laura her energy felt like a mother and a shooting breath of care and energetic love.

Flow Divino

My energy healing and inner harmony sessions were exceptional! The practitioner's expertise created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, leading to profound relaxation and clarity. Highly recommended for anyone seeking alternative healing methods and inner peace. 5 stars!

Abi Para

Laura is a wonderful woman full of love who helped me find peace within myself and let go of all my emotions that don't serve me. I am extremely grateful for this experience and would definitely do it again. The place itself if magical.

Itana Cavlovic

It was such a beautiful experience. Laura's energy was filled with love and tears naturally flowed. I think it's one of the best experiences you can have in Bali.

Chika Nakagawa