About the Book

At one point or another on life’s long journey, many of us will grapple with the experience of becoming lost.  Our sense of identity may be upended by losing a longtime career or position, letting go of a cherished friend or family member, or we may be faced with an unexpected health crisis or a major financial loss.  

Whatever the cause, this becoming lost can pull our reference points right out from underneath us, leaving us despairing and disoriented.

Like a child in the darkening forest, our best hope at such a time is to find some way back to a place that makes sense to us, a place where the way forward becomes visible once again.  And to find that place, we need some sign or symbol or reminder left by another who has been where we are once or twice and has found their way back to safety.  In short, we need breadcrumbs that we can begin to follow from one to the other, even in the darkest hour.

Laura Fredrickson is such a person; one who has lived through the death of both her parents through suicide, ruinous financial losses in the dot com collapse, and the loss of deep love in relationship. 


More importantly, she is one who found her way through each of these destabilizing life challenges towards a deeper resiliency and a greater flourishing.  And to our benefit, she had the presence of mind to take notes along the way, recording her learnings and molding them into straightforward explanations and processes to help others navigate similar territory.

What you will find in this volume is not simply words or notions, but breadcrumbs.  The chapters herein are designed to help you find your way back to yourself, when you find yourself lost in life’s many twists and turns.  

However this came about, however suddenly or gradually, the crumbs laid down here by Laura and others who have faced devastating loss and challenge, can be a vital resource in remembering your way homeward.

On the path of life we all find ourselves turned around from time to time, and sometimes we wander off the trail entirely or fall off a hidden ledge and find ourselves in need of real help. 

In this book, Laura has worked diligently to assemble an emergency kit — with a compress for a broken heart, a map of what really matters and what leads us astray, and a moral compass pointing the way on our crucial journey back to Self. 

May it serve you in your time of need, and inspire you when your feet are back on the Way.

—Benjamin Francis Phelan

Beauty, inspiration, and a Gold-Mine of Wisdom

A must read and a thoughtful road map to reconnect with your true self. Revelatory, and extremely important information.This book is so full of love-of compassion-of caring - of humility-of gratitude.A wonderful guide for anyone who wants to have a more peaceful, spiritual, forgiving,compassionate life.

A Guide From the Depths of Darkness to the Light of a New Day

Reading Laura’s story touched me deeply and I was left with a powerful sense of her life’s journey and the goodness that emerged out of the depths of loss and despair. The book carries a fiery message of Hope for those who temporarily find themselves adrift. Thank you for writing this spiritual traveler’s guide with such clearly crafted signs that glow in the dark and point the way home.

It is powerful from the opening words to the closing pages..

Wow! This is one of those books that belongs on everyone’s spiritual bookshelf! It is powerful from the opening words to the closing pages. Laura was able to open her heart to each reader - sharing her losses as well as the Divine Wisdom she learned along the way. For those contemplating ending their lives, this book will hopefully serve as a spiritual lifeline. For those who have lost a loved one to suicide, this book offers hope, understanding, and a path to healing. And for any spiritual seeker, this book provides so many jewels of esoteric knowledge.

This book is truly a masterpiece and a must read!..

Laura is a poetic storyteller and spiritual teacher. This book is truly a masterpiece and a must read!

A must have for anyone that has lost their way or experienced any despair in their life!

I cannot recommend this beautiful healing work that Laura gifted this planet enough! I hope to give this book to all of my clients who are on paths to self love and self healing, as it is for every single human to connect back to their perfection! Thank you thank you thank you Laura!

“Her Words Bring Hope”...

I've been slowly sipping on Laura Fredrickson's new book. This is an exploration, personal and universal, an adventure and query into loss, life and death, cultural perceptions all for the deeper wisdom and understanding...the freedom available from our fellow humans and the unseen helpers and guides who have maybe the greater perspective. Laura Fredrickson's lyrical writing style drums home ...points to overlooked and unturned possibilities and perspectives so needed when in the depths of grief and loss. Her words bring hope, light-heartedness, and accessible energy held in the expanding present moment.

“A Beacon of Hope + Empowerment”…

I recommend this delightfully inspiring book to anyone who experiences a sense of loss within themselves. In a time of collective and personal trauma, with Covid, political division, economic challenges and so on, we all may feel a sense of despair. Laura offers delightful reminders that are uplifting; a mirroring of essential truths of being that is innate in our divinely human expression of life. Inviting us to recognize the true nature of Self and live in the celebration of the gift of life. Moving us to that rememberance with appreciation and being gratitude itself.

“For Those Who Have Lost Their Way, BRILLIANT!”...

The name of the book is so important. We purchased several books for our town, schools, churches, and youth groups. There is a horrible shortage of mental health professionals, and this book is truly a valuable source, to assist individuals when they can't reach or afford a therapist. Laura helps you manifest your true purpose and get back on the path home to self. Thank you for this amazing book!

“This Book is Pure Magic!”...

When I waver, I find myself thinking back to some of the abundant wisdom this book offers. Laura Fredrickson's perspective on value, the truth of one's personal journey, and working (playing!) with challenges have had a tremendous and positive impact in my life. And, by extension, in the lives of those I affect. Weaving clear principles, enlightened advice, prayer, and personal stories, Laura has given us a guidebook for creating a more joyful, fulfilled life.Stop "should-ing" and just get the book! You'll thank yourself.

I LOVE "A Journey Back To Self" - It Has Positively Impacted My Life in So Many Ways!


“ Laura Fredrickson is genius and master at what she does. I have never had someone penetrate my money resistance like her. I have made leaps and bounds in a short amount of time, transforming my fears around money into empowerment and joy. ”

Preston Smiles , Motivational speaker, Simon & Schuster Author

“ I used to be in a state of chronic anxiety and exhaustion and not reaching my financial goals. Once I started working with Laura, I started to feel better immediately and saw a near instant improvement in my finances. Since then, I’ve been able to triple an investment. Our work together has also given me the confidence to start my own business, which has quickly reached profitability.”

Stefanie Syman , Entrepreneur & Author

“ Before working with Laura, there was always an underlying fear that the "other shoe" would drop and the money would run out. Stress and worry, no matter how much was reflected in my account. After working with Laura, I now feel a core trust in life & a deep sense of gratitude. I have created my dream job and feel a sense of ease around money for the first time in my life. Everything in my life has improved and I feel an overall state of freedom, empowerment and love in my life.”

Sam Saturn , CMO SESAC

Working with Laura has been a life changing experience of astounding proportions that will influence my life from this time forward in greater love, joy, gratitude and freedom. Her teaching, born from her own life-changing search for greater purpose allowed universal truth to shine through with grace, love, and appreciation. I have diligently studied transformational spiritual metaphysics over the last 45 years to expand life to be filled with more effortless freedom and abundance. The relationship created together was beyond anything I have ever lived in the whelm of life-spiritual transformation relationships. Laura facilitated my self-actuated growth through her spiritual empathetic compassionate reflection back to me so that I could move from the thinking mind to the embodiment of soul feeling. Thank you Laura, I am indeed grateful to you and the opportunity the universe created in working together.

Greg Bourdon

The Priceless Principles course with Laura Fredrickson truly is an invaluable experience. I learned many skills that will stay with me the rest of my life. Within a month I tripled my income and opened to several new opportunities. I highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to increase their happiness and wellbeing."

Ken Von Roenn III

Laura is uniquely qualified as a guide for those of us who have lost our way in the pursuit of a false sense of security, meaning, and purpose that money gives, because Laura herself was raised in an environment by parents who were blinded more dramatically than most. She witnessed, firsthand, the tragedy that comes, that must come to all who chase these kinds of shadow experiences. Laura is living proof and an exemplar, of someone who has been very far into the darkness, and has come back. She is therefore is a very credible person with whom to explore this new way of relating to money, prosperity, safety, security and control. She is credible in ways that most simply are not.

Barnet Bain , Film-maker, author and educator

Laura is a master catalyst to unearth your deepest purpose. Her techniques and process enable you to redefine what success really means to you, activating a sense of joy and integration of emotional, physical and spiritual states. Laura has most definitely helped me to manifest my destiny.

Jeff Scult , Founder of One Golden Thread

My experience with Laura Fredrickson has been surreal. Having 20+ years in the financial service industry as a financial advisor, and hiring multiple coaches, I feel comfortable in saying I know the difference of mediocrity and amazing. I feel Laura is gifted and has this innate ability to identify road blocks, and more importantly, her constant accountability allows one to become very mindful of their words which will transcend to more optimal relationships with a spouse/partner, business, health and overall well being.

Mary Jo White , Senior VP / Financial Advisor / Morgan Stanley NYC

After only 1 session with Laura, I experienced such a profound shift in my conscious awareness, it literally changed my life! Laura possesses the innate ability to reach into the very depths of your soul and gently guide you into your own remembering of your authentic truth. You owe it to yourself to experience this beautiful Light for yourself. I can’t wait for my next session! Thank you, Laura, from the bottom of my heart.

Jill M Jackson , ​ Award Winning Psychic Medium