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The epidemic of self neglect in the disguise of ‘service to others’ is up for radical re-examination. As we claim greater awareness of the cost of this form of sabotage, we can reorient and recalibrate.  This alarm clock is one that we can not hit snooze on.
For those of us that have been fixated on ‘service’, we must connect with how this choice of personal well being will play out in beneficial ways in the world.  The direct correlation of who we are as vibrational beings is paramount in order to create new nourishing patterns of self love.
When we care for ourselves, it is then and only then that we are in true service to others.  And then at the core of it all, we realize there is no “other”.
This brings us to the essence of ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’, which is not to be confused with Do The Change at Your Own Expense!
As you claim personal well being and Self love, you will serve as an energetic example and inspiration for others, if they so choose.
Continue on the path of self neglect in service to others and dig an early emotional,  and literal grave for yourself.

The Divine Conspiracy

In the moment that you are clear about what you are wanting, the Universe conspires to deliver to you all cooperative relationships for your fulfillment.. Your focus should be exclusively on what you are wanting and why you are wanting it. The Infinite Intelligence that is choreographing the details of your body mechanics and the spinning of the Earth on it’s axis and Its perfect proximity to a life giving Sun, will handle the details of the delivery – the who, what, where and how.
With every thing being energy, you must also partner with this life-giving energy by being in a state of alignment. You come into alignment by focusing on what you are wanting and trusting that the Intelligence that is breathing you, is conspiring for your well being and has the capacity and ability to handle the details. Most people start dabbling in the details and become overwhelmed, which is not an energetic match to the fulfillment of their desires. You must stick to the what and why, and begin to notice what is working and the ways in which your hearts desires are already being met.
These ingredients of your alignment and Divine Intelligence is a winning recipe for your fulfillment in every way, for not only are your desires realized, you get to enjoy the creative process by being in a state of ease, grace and trust. ♥

The Cost of Rescuing

Ever since I can remember as a little girl I was exerting myself to relieve my parents suffering, and giving to others at my own emotional expense.

This began the unconscious patterning of having to do something to feel loved, and thinking I needed to save people from their suffering.

Recently I have remembered on a core level, that everyone is exactly where they need to be in their own process!

It is not my place- despite what I thought were the best intentions, to interfere with God(desses) plan.

Why would I ever want to rob someone of their opportunity to experience suffering, for the Ultimate purpose of remembering the Source of their true power and identity?

Suffering can be a Divine Catalyst, if we so choose, to Free us from the grand illusion that our well being resides in the external.

We each have Free Will or Free Won’t, to choose to step up and into our true power, however this is an individual choice, with a specific timeline.

With my new found awareness of not being responsible for anyone else’s well being or choices, I no longer suffer from the attachment of them “getting it”! 🤣

Hallelujah! We are all exactly where we need to be in our process. Live and let live. Live and let suffer.

Now I can simply focus on my journey and my joy and be an energetic example for others, if they so choose.

Get Rich Quick: The Power of Appreciation

I’ve had many excuses to not to be thankful in my life – losing both my parents to a dual suicide, losing all of my money in the stock market, having my home in foreclosure, and being in an abusive relationship.

When I realized that I had the ability to tell a better feeling story about my experiences and in so doing, feel better, everything changed!

With this came empowerment. The more empowered I felt, the better my reflections were. And the more evidence I saw of the direct correlation between my stories and what was showing up in my life, the more empowered I became.

What we focus on expands, so what we appreciate, appreciates!

If we are not appreciating our lives, we are judging them, and quite simply it doesn’t feel good to judge. When we judge we rob ourselves of an experience of joy, happiness and love.

Each time we choose to notice what IS working in our life and what we are grateful for we feel better. The good news is – no matter how ‘bad’ we feel our life is, each of us can ALWAYS reach for a better feeling thought.


Four days a week, ideally at the beginning of your day (as it will set the energetic tone for your day) – Notice 3 things you are grateful for in your life – go on a

deliberate hunt for what IS working and write it down.

NO REPEATS! Each time you will notice something new and different, you will deepen and expand what you are calling into your life.

*You will know you are doing this practice right, because it will feel good to notice what you appreciate*

**The only thing that is required for shifts to occur, is to do this the MAJORITY of the time, this is NOT about perfection!**

It takes approximately 17 seconds to activate a vibration so be sure to linger for at

least this long on each of your points.