“Only one speaker that I have seen who could touch an audience like Laura does, and that was Tony Robbins.”

— Linda Orton, Marketer/Recruiter/Producer/Writer

Laura Fredrickson possesses a rare blend of natural talent, unique expertise, personal story and wisdom. Having presented at events in company with Richard Branson, Russell Simmons, Filmmaker Gus Van Sant, Tim Ferriss, Blake Mycoskie and Tony Hsieh, Laura embodies a rare innate speaking talent and offers earthy authenticity and inspiration to her audiences.

Laura’s riveting story and the PRICELESS gems of her 16 years of working with people of influence in the realms of money, personal happiness, purpose and true success are uniquely captivating, compelling and inspirational. Laura’s clear and concise communication skills are sure to inspire you to the next level of happiness and success, and will motivate you to align with true success and start living the life you were born for.

Laura also offers 1, 2 or 3 day workshops on her proprietary alignment process and Priceless Principles that are highly engaging, interactive and transformative.