The Convenient Truth
December 9, 2019
We Are All Highly Contagious!
March 30, 2020


For-giveness is an incredible gift that you bestow upon yourself and others.

It is a beneficial choice that is imprinted in the DNA of future generations, and energetically reinforms your ancestral lineage.

There is nothing more depleting to your vitality and self worth than to hold yourself hostage to your past, imprisoned by the notion that you or others have done something wrong.

Believing that others have wronged you, life has harmed you, and things should have unfolded differently, is a very costly illusion and narrative.

‘Should-ing’ on yourself and others, judging your choices and what has unfolded, is an expensive egoic illusion that discredits the perfect unfoldment of your soul’s journey.

Choosing to for-give yourself and others is a potent form of Self love, however ‘beyond forgiveness’ invites another level of liberation which is derived from your Soul’s understanding that everything has unfolded according to an Intelligent plan.

When you choose to recognize that everything has unfolded for you and not to you, and that things are falling together and not apart, you begin to realize (“real eyes”) there is nothing to forgive.


I am in harmony and at peace with all that has transpired in my life.

The experiences that have been most upsetting to me have set me up to operate in greater states of sovereignty and compassion.

As I choose to embrace and interpret all that has unfolded through acceptance and trust, I come into Union with my divinity and my soul’s agenda.

As I interpret my past through the lens of love I liberate myself and allow myself to be open and receptive of the gifts in my life now and this present moment.

I bless myself and all the reflections in my ‘Divine Drama’, knowing that all characters have been cast in support of my awakening.

Each experience is imbued with the ‘Spiritual Script’ of remembering the truth of who I am.

Laura Fredrickson
Laura Fredrickson

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