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June 2, 2016
June 2, 2016


In all great ages of times past, accounts of prolific heroes are found. Tales are told of incredibly courageous human beings, who challenged the powers to be and catalyzed a people to great change for the next chapter of human evolution.

This time is no different, but with an important and life changing distinction. We are no longer writing chapters, but rather a new book. The days of the hero have come and gone. We must now look within to find the great savior of humanity. We are the ones we have been waiting for and must truly be the change we wish to see in our world.

Many prophecies pointed to December 21, 2012 as the “End of the World”. But what did that really mean? With all things being energy, every end offers a new beginning…with every death, a rebirth and in our case an opportunity to create lives that are truly based in meaning, passion, purpose, prosperity and fulfillment.


Systems are crumbling, suicide is rampant, and disease is escalating. Millions of people have sacrificed their lives to catalyze a great awakening, should we choose to arise from our slumber.

We have initiated vast irritation – through pain and drama-­ for the purpose of greater alignment, ultimately. It is within the paradigm of contrast that we have experiences that are painful, for the purpose of revealing what we prefer. It’s as though in this human journey, we have to have amnesia in order to remember what we remember.

These experiences of pain and drama are cleverly disguised gifts for greater awareness, conscious choice and alignment (provided we know how to unwrap them) and the very impetus for our evolution into this next book of human experience. These dramatic and painful experiences are sponsors for us to realize our truest desires and are ambassadors for us to harness a newfound clarity, allowing us move in a heart-core conscious direction to create a thriving world that works for everyone.

When we get to the heart of the matter, literally, we can see that at the core of our being, we are desperately yearning to live the lives we were born for – lives that are based in authenticity, purpose, passion, prosperity and fulfillment. How we currently exist in the world is blatantly not working. We have been hostage to the psychological inheritances and energetic hand-me-down’s of a fear based culture, community and media for far too long. We have succumbed to the collective hallucination that our power, security and happiness resides in something or someone outside of ourselves.  The most prevalent hallucination is in the pursuit of money and “financial freedom”.

There is a profound invitation for each of us to arise from our unconscious slumber and step into our True power. This is the grand awakening of acknowledging that Source ~the life force itself and the life giving energy that is breathing us, beating our hearts and “life-ing” us ~ is flowing through us…as us. We are it! We are being given a potent chance now to intimately know and trust this internal and eternal power, and Its’ unwavering and beneficial effect in our lives.

Our experience here on Earth, which is grounded in a natural principle and Law, of what I refer to as the Law of Response that dictates that our reality – personally and collectively -­ is a vibrational reflection of our own perception. In this vibrational Universe, we are attracting based on how we feel. There is a gravitational pull to our consciousness.

As we each become more and more attuned to this intimate fact, we can begin to claim our individual power and use of our greatest commodity – our attention-­ to create a life that is truly valuable to us and to others. This is the essence of Free Will or often times “Free Won’t”.

The time has come for us to no longer seek peace and happiness outside of ourselves, for the “seeking” outside of ourselves implies that we feel a lack and incompleteness within ourselves, which will continue to perpetuate pain and drama in our lives.

It is time to become the final healer of our inner world and therefore our outer world, to dispel the greatest illusion of all time ~our powerlessness to create our lives in the way that we choose and our separateness from Source, the Ultimate hallucination.


As we step into this Era of personal empowerment we begin to recognize that our power resides in our attention and how we choose to perceive. When we choose to perceive through the lens of scarcity and lack we will create pain and drama. When we choose to perceive through the lens of appreciation and possibilities, we will create more to appreciate and infinite possibilities.

We are far overdue in claiming our birthright of abundance, authenticity, connection, creative expression, joy and ease. As we begin to recognize more fully the unique genius within each of us and have reverence for the Divine Creative Force that is Us, we step into greater awareness and Self-mastery.

It is from this place of sovereignty, that we are connected to our true essence, which will midwife into existence our New Reality.

We have had many evolutions around the Sun. I deeply bow in reverence to each of you, fellow travelers for being here at this pivotal time in our human journey. Thank you for taking your power back and for realizing that the only way to predict the future is to create it.

Laura Fredrickson
Laura Fredrickson

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