The 5 P’s For True Wealth

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March 30, 2020
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January 9, 2021

The 5 P’s For True Wealth

5 Tips for True Wealth

True Wealth is founded on emotional well being.  Our emotional well being is directly correlated to our inner dialogue, the stories we tell ourselves and the focus of our attention. Experiencing greater fulfillment begins with nurturing our core relationship with ourselves.  Life treats us the way we treat ourselves.  Every relationship in our lives is also a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselvesThe following 5 tips are aligning you with a healthy relationship with yourself and all that is unfolding. . This is the essence of primary nutrition.

Progress, Process, Patience, Perspective, Practice

#1:  Honor your progress.  Instead of focusing on all of the things you have yet to accomplish (with a To- Do List that perhaps extends beyond our own life span;) or being fixated on the ways you need to improve, take time to celebrate your progress and take stock in your accomplishments.  What you focus on expands.  The more you honor your progress, the more you will progress. Most importantly the more you take time to celebrate what is right about you, what you have done, the better you will feel about yourself and more inspired you will be to create.

#2. Realize that your life is a process.  Acknowledge that each trial and tribulation and perceived ‘setback’ is an opportunity to catalyze your experiences for the purpose of greater clarity and fulfillment. The process known as ‘life experience’ is something to embrace.  Each experience provides a building block of greater awareness and with that an opportunity for a making a wiser choice next time. 

#3.  Offer patience to yourself.  Patience is indeed a virtue. Why?  It feels better to be patient with yourself and to trust the timing of what is unfolding.  The cosmic irony is the more patient you are in your life,  the more things will flow in your favor.  

One of the primary ingredients in being able to be patient is relative to your ability to trust in the intelligence that is coursing through all of life. This infinite intelligence has the capacity to coordinate timing in a way that our ego minds can not possibly comprehend. What is the hurry any way?  It is not about the manifestation of the ‘thing’ it is about your creative journey along the way.

#4.  Operate from a higher perspective. How you perceive your life and what is unfolding,  is the foundation of your emotional well being. When you choose to operate from a higher perspective or eagle eye perspective, you are able to liberate yourself from drama. When you choose to perceive your challenges through the lens of “how is this happening“for me” and how are things falling together, instead of “apart” you step into greater self mastery and become a sacred alchemist in your life.

#5.  Realize your life is a practice.   Each experience you have ushers  you to greater clarity. Your clarity is one of your super powers.  When we choose to apply our greater awareness to making higher choices we develop our character.  The more we practice operating in integrity with our values and character, the more our lives will reflect this. This will reflect not just  in personal well being and vitality but also in literal new opportunities coming into our lives.

Laura Fredrickson
Laura Fredrickson

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