The Courage to Surrender

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October 17, 2019
November 21, 2019

The Courage to Surrender

Only the courageous SURRENDER enough to receive all that the Universe has to offer.

Our ability to surrender is directly relative to our ability to TRUST.

Operating in a state of trust can only occur when we have cultivated the practice of attuning our attention to the innate blessings and undercurrent of well being that is flowing through our lives.

This current is consistent. It exists with or without our conscious participation with It. This is the energy that is breathing us, beating our hearts, spinning the Earth in perfect proximity to a life giving Sun. It is managing all of the infinite details of every nano second of our existence.

When we connect to this consistent flow state, through our conscious acknowledgement and appreciation of It, we are able to reside in an ’emotional horse stance’ that is unwavering.

This is a PRACTICE and must be cultivated. There will be no shifts in our collective experience without each of us embodying TRUST.

We live in a world of illusion. Where many have utilized the precious commodity of our attention, contriving falsities and the notion of lack and scarcity.

I have had a lot of resistance to the essential benevolence of Life and it has cost me my emotional well being. I have missed out on so many blessings, scheming with my finite mind thinking I could orchestrate outcomes greater than Source herself.

In retrospect, Life has always validated that everything is handled and everything unfolds even better than I could have imagined!

We certainly can be heavily influenced by our environment. For me that was being raised by a militant father, who had every moment of his life planned, b/c well, if there was something that was not organized and in place, his whole world would come crashing down and Humpty Dumpty would have been in countless pieces.

This degree of control comes from not believing in anything outside of ourselves. My father was an admitted atheist. Always carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and ultimately took his own life, the weight being more than he could bear. The mental shackles of doubt more than he could handle.

The last note that he left before taking his life, was to ‘be sure the washing machine repair man took off his shoes.’

My wish is that we each put our fears and doubt through our own ‘washing machines’ and repair any notion of scarcity and lack so that we may operate in resounding TRUST.

This will allow us to be present and receptive to the Infinite gifts that the Universe is eager to bestow.

With a full heart,




Laura Fredrickson
Laura Fredrickson

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