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June 19, 2021
July 14, 2021


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A prayer for all of us who walk the Earth..

May I be humble
may I be innocent
may I be wise.

May I know the deep calm of the earth
that glows in the eye of the fox
and that sings with the water bird
rising to beat jewels of light from her wings.

May I be still enough for natural dignity to arise within me
guiding my hand in action and my voice in speech.

May I carry my ancient heart lightly and with real sincerity
knowing that the life that beats within
is as old as forever,
honoured and perfectly wedded
to the ever-arising source of existence.

As I remember my heart
may I see that source within all things
in the eyes of my sacred enemy, my friends and my family,
in green feathers, in white bone and in twisted branches.

Give me the courage to stand as if I am witness to all creation
and to know that all creation is looking back at me,
from stone and child and salt sea-shell spiral.

Grant me the presence to carry my heartbreak well,
and that the pain gives me tenderness and wisdom
so that I may love more deeply
and dance more freely,
walking lightly across the plains and mountains and cities
of this great garden earth.

May my eyes be lifted to the light and
my animal feet strong and bright,
pacing in the freedom of my birth-right
and the effortless nobility of true belonging.

As I walk, may I remember the eyes of old men dying and women birthing,
the trust of children sleeping and the endless faith of flowers.

Show me how to make every strange feeling and breakdown
a ragged sail to carry my wretched, foundering ship further across the great ocean
towards the safe harbour of the one love.

May I tread the landscapes of grief with an open chest
drawing meaning from tears and resilience from sadness.

May I recognise mercy
and bow down at the merciless altar
where everything is asked for
and everything is surrendered.

Give me miracles in the ordinary
and humility in the miraculous.

Let the fire at the centre of myself
that burns bright as essence
warm me in the night
and may I never fear its heat
but rather draw close
so that what is not mine burns away like dry grass
revealing new growth green shoots and swelling buds
perpetually opening into the light of now.

May I know how to lie down with myself
and unfold intimacy, my cheek resting on my own perfect silence.

May I remember the plains of darkness between the stars
and the great tapestry of time
through which I dream and which dreams through me.

Grant that I be quiet enough to be able to hear the flowers opening
And wild enough to fly with dragonflies in the textured sunlight.

May I cease to seek for perfection
And recognise the love that is inherent in this simple life,
moving in smiling gratitude
for everything that is given.

For everything truly is given,
breath to breath
heartbeat to heartbeat
life to death.

Unveil the moment and the love that was never hidden
giving love, living love
gentle, strong and brave,
open, alive and just as fully human as this soul can be.

May good seeds sprout as I pass
to sow the life of the future
that will nourish my children
with a rich harvest.

May forests of love grow from doubt
and hate blossom into faith and flowers.

May dignity arise like the sun on a new day
turning the autumn dew to green, red and blue light diamonds,
simple beauty that gives everything
and asks for nothing in return,
for nothing is more precious than gold,
and the empty chest that is full of wonder.

May all beings be at peace.
May you be whole.

In all possible ways
may you be whole.

Ben Bushill

Laura Fredrickson
Laura Fredrickson

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