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Is Money in Control of Your Life?

13775828_10154424586175152_2955047243640858582_nIt is time for many to commit suicide, but we must leave our bodies out of it.

When our luxuries, pursuit of money and need for external validation began to imprison us, and we become confined in our pursuit of a false sense of ‘security’, we must take an honest look at the fundamental insanity of this cultural inheritance. An energetic hand-me-down that keeps us perpetually in pursuit of FILLfullment and not FULfillment.

This is a profound wake up call for us to relinquish the false identities and walls we have built that distract us from witnessing our innate worth and value, and the essence of what we authentically define as successful. A path that ironically leads to a state of anything but a feeling of freedom. Our opportunity now is to cultivate an inner state of Self assured knowing that is not contingent on external factors.

If we are brave enough to shed the illusory and evasive sense of worth and safety that we have falsely assigned to our accolades and net worth, we can begin to focus on the essence of our beings and that which is eternal. and can allow for our true identities and Self worth to be known, felt and witnessed.

As we relinquish our false identity, and allow for our true identities to be known and witnessed, our essential Self worth will reign supreme ~ a rain maker of love, joy and authentic expression to be shared for the benefit of all.

The Divine Conspiracy

Divine ConspiracyIn the moment that you are clear about what you are wanting, the Universe conspires to deliver to you all cooperative relationships for your fulfillment.. Your focus should be exclusively on what you are wanting and why you are wanting it. The Infinite Intelligence that is choreographing the details of your body mechanics and the spinning of the Earth on it’s axis and Its perfect proximity to a life giving Sun, will handle the details of the delivery – the who, what, where and how.

With every thing being energy, you must also partner with this life-giving energy by being in a state of alignment. You come into alignment by focusing on what you are wanting and trusting that the Intelligence that is breathing you, is conspiring for your well being and has the capacity and ability to handle the details. Most people start dabbling in the details and become overwhelmed, which is not an energetic match to the fulfillment of their desires. You must stick to the what and why, and begin to notice what is working and the ways in which your hearts desires are already being met.

These ingredients of your alignment and Divine Intelligence is a winning recipe for your fulfillment in every way, for not only are your desires realized, you get to enjoy the creative process by being in a state of ease, grace and trust. ♥

Laura Whitney

“Working with Laura has had a profound impact on both my inner state of being and my role as a leader. Laura has helped me transform deeply conditioned beliefs about love, work, leadership and money from struggle and scarcity to flow and possibility. I never ceased to be impressed by how clear and articulate she is and by her ability to take any scenario and turn it into a profound opportunity for transformation and insight. I tell my friends, “If you are ready to live the life you were born for, work with Laura!”

– Laura Whitney

John Forte

“Laura’s work is inspiring and satisfying. It is all-purpose and purposeful. It is clean and good.”

– John Forte