Money Ceremony

End a LIFETIME of limiting beliefs around money in this empowering ritual!


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It is a pleasure and an honor to offer you such empowering reminders on how you are creating your personal reality.

The MONEY CEREMONY is one of the most potent and effective ceremonies I have ever done. It catalyzed miracles for me and liberated me from massive debt and despair regarding money and opened the floodgates of abundance.


The money ceremony was very powerful. A lot of dark buried beliefs came up when doing the first part of the practice. A new intention came to life during the 2nd half. I feel and see money in a different way. Forever grateful for this practice. It is very powerful.

Karen Whipple

Laura Fredrickson is a genius and master at what she does. I have never had someone penetrate my money resistance like her. I have made leaps and bounds in a short amount of time transforming my fears around money into empowerment and joy. You would be silly not to work with her."

Preston Smiles

I participated in Laura’s Priceless Program when I needed it most. I was in a bad financial situation after leaving my marriage, which felt impossible to overcome. I have attended many retreats, seminars and workshops.  Nothing came close to providing both the insight into my blocks and how to remove them! Laura's program provides more than insight - it provides tangible, practical, powerful and simple tools to create authentic abundance in your life. The rewards have been flowing in BIG ways ever since! However the tools far surpass financial abundance, but will remind you of your value in the world and how incredibly abundant every area of your life can be.”

Kerry Ford

Before I began Laura’s program I often felt anxious and overwhelmed by the many things I wanted to do and felt obliged to do. Now, I feel calm and trust that all will unfold as it should, and when it needs to. I have experienced immense connection to the present, to the wonder and joy in my life and to my own wonderful and powerful self. This is a path that is both easy and fulfilling. I walk it happily every day.”

Daisy Dinwoodie

I used to be in a state of chronic anxiety and exhaustion and not reaching my financial goals. Once I started working with Laura, I started to feel better immediately and saw a near instant improvement in my finances. Since then, I’ve been able to triple an investment. Our work together has also given me the confidence to start my own business, which has quickly reached profitability.

Stefanie Syman

Laura Fredrickson is a coach's coach, an artist's muse, with a spiritual awareness so transcendent it will take you to the mountain top, yet a real-world sense so grounded you will come back to the valley ready to rock the free world! Rooted in an ancient wisdom and earthy authenticity, you can't spend time with Laura without walking away inspired to be more yourself, and motivated to start living the life you were born for!

Derek Rydall

Since working with Laura, I have shed limiting beliefs, expanded the joy I feel daily, and become clear on my purpose-driven career direction. I finally feel so much clearer, more purposeful and on path - something I’ve been struggling with for quite some time that was causing much pain and discomfort - and it feels oh-so-good! I trust the larger forces orchestrating life itself, and life is just generally easier, greater flow and happier. Also, I’m signing new clients without even marketing myself! Whether it’s through referrals, meeting people at events, or people I have no relation to reaching out online - abundance is flowing in with little effort on my part. Laura’s guidance was priceless in doing the inner work that leads to both inner and outer results. I am so grateful. Thank you Laura!

Ania Kusk

Laura catalyzed what my life's work was to be after a crisis filled year. Her sterling intention and dynamic energy have supported me through 10+ years. Her commitments to a life path that supports her own self growth and development as well as those around her are an inspiring example of "walking her talk". BEcoming the change in our world.

Jan Salerno

Before working with Laura I was at a rock bottom with money and had been struggling with it for years. My experience of money was highly triggering. I had spent thousands of dollars on money and business courses, yet was not seeing the results I wanted and constantly wondered what I was "missing", feeling confused, lost and hopeless. Laura’s deep wisdom & masterful guidance as well as applying the Priceless Principles and Practices for true wealth, has blessed my life in infinite ways. I am truly fulfilled, successful and happy - not because of how much money I’m making (I have made more money in this container than I EVER have in my life) but because of how FULFILLED and deeply embodied in my self-worth I am in a way that I have never felt before. I am SO grateful I chose to invest in Laura’s support. If you are ready to experience true wealth and prosperity, I encourage you to follow your heart & soul and embark on this life changing journey with Laura!

Melissa Thomas

The work I have done with Laura has been profoundly life changing. Every part of my life has been upgraded - more peace of mind, money, success, happiness, connection, and feeling that I have the power to create whatever I want in life. The tools are easy to implement and even using a couple of them makes a difference. Where Laura stands out for me is her deep knowledge of the teachings and mastery over how to use them. Being taught by a master made a huge difference for me. She was able to explain teachings and concepts in ways that i could really get them and, in turn, use them powerfully in my life. This allowed for quick implementation and results.

Colleen Schell

WOW, the Priceless Principles and Practices are by far the most valuable learning tools that I've encountered on my expanding consciousness odyssey. So clearly and thoughtfully presented, and have changed my life in copious ways . I have literally been carrying around the workbook for days repeating and embodying the energetic codes of so many of the enlightening premises. Laura’s unconditional passion to be of service to this world has amplified my own unconditional passion to be of service to this world, which has been a major aspiration of the sojourn of my life. Thank you!

Pamela DiSarro

Before working with Laura, there was always an underlying fear that the "other shoe" would drop and the money would run out.  Stress and worry, no matter how much was reflected in my account. After working with Laura,  I now feel a core trust in life & a deep sense of gratitude.  I have created my dream job and feel a sense of ease around money for the first time in my life. Everything in my life has improved and I feel an overall state of freedom, empowerment and love in my life.

Sam Saturn


  • Money Ceremony PDF
  • Money Ceremony Audio


It is no accident that you are here on the PRICELESS Life Path, for you are ready to become a FULFILLIONAIRE, and invest in your most valuable possession - YOUR LIFE!

We are at a crucial time in our human evolution, where each of us is being asked to awaken from our collective slumber and hallucination. Suicide rates are escalating, financial systems are crumbling, and for the majority of the population, pain and drama have become the "norm". Most people seem to have "To-Do" Lists that extend beyond their own life span, and heart disease is at an all time high - the correlation of which is undeniable.

People have lost their way.

Within this vast irritation is an opportunity for true freedom and happiness. We can choose to create a new paradigm of success, which includes expressing our authentic purpose, realizing our true worth and value, and harmonizing with Natural Laws. From this place of personal empowerment and alignment, we can lives that are abundant in all ways, creating a world that works for everyone.

After 20 years of personal experience and professional expertise in the realm of Money, Self worth and Manifestation principles, I'm thrilled to be offering to YOU, for the FIRST TIME to the public this unique Home Study Program - THE MONEY CEREMONY.