Noted for her high level of integrity and confidentiality, Laura’s expertise in supporting her clients to experience inner peace and to realize their innate worth is priceless for those who live a high profile, fast paced lifestyle and are subjected to intense external pressures.

The deaths of so many celebrities and people of influence due to suicide and drug overdose is a sobering reality. Fame and fortune do not afford you inner peace, fulfillment and a sense of success. Without a deep sense of inner worth and value, fame and fortune can wreak havoc and cause personal destruction, pain and hardship.

The suicide of both of Laura’s parents as well as her own bout with suicidal thought and depression has made Laura both empathetic and familiar with the territory. Her journey out of darkness into an experience of true happiness and fulfillment gives her an unparalleled wisdom.

Laura’s unique methodology and grounded loving ways, support those she guides to be sovereign and empowered in the midst of intense pressure and stress – promoting an experience of inner peace, balance and fulfillment.


  • HANDLING FAME & FORTUNE: Maintaining authenticity and peace of mind amidst media projection and hype.
  • RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY: Having a lot of money can be challenging. Learn how to be with it in an empowering way, without it defining you.
  • EXPERIENCING TRUE LOVE & FRIENDSHIP: Being loved for who you really are. Learn how to preserve your sovereignty and privacy while being in the public eye.
  • SELF WORTH & INNER PEACE: Realize your true worth and with this a state of irrevocable peace.
  • STAYING GROUNDED: Feel stable in the midst of your hustle bustle lifestyle.
  • SOVEREIGNTY: Maintain a true sense of yourself and don’t allow tabloids, gossip and paparazzi to rock your world.
  • PERSONAL INTEGRITY: Learn to embody what you value.
  • SELF LOVE: Life treats you the way you treat you. Shift from judgement to acceptance and learn to enjoy the creative process.

To learn more about the process, read the following "Overview of the Journey."

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Laura is uniquely qualified as a guide for those of us who have lost our way in the pursuit of a false sense of security, meaning, and purpose that money gives, because Laura herself was raised in an environment by parents who were blinded more dramatically than most. She witnessed, firsthand, the tragedy that comes, that must come to all who chase these kinds of shadow experiences. Laura is living proof and an exemplar, of someone who has been very far into the darkness, and has come back. She is therefore is a very credible person with whom to explore this new way of relating to money, prosperity, safety, security and control. She is credible in ways that most simply are not.

Barnet Bain , Film-maker, author and educator

Laura Fredrickson is a genius and master at what she does. I have never had someone penentrate my money resistance like her. I have made leaps and bounds in a short amount of time transforming my fears around money into empowerment and joy. You would be silly not to work her.

Preston Smiles , Internet Sensation, International Speaker, Author, Coach

Laura has taken experiences in her life that would surely have destroyed many people and then utilized these experiences as a powerful catalyst for transformation within herself. She is now sharing this transformation in the context of a simple toolset and path that anyone can easily follow. I am certain this will eventually help millions of people remember their self love and personal power, and that is something we can ALL be grateful for.

James Barnard