You Don’t Have to Justify Choices that Feel Good

Video Transcription

Hey Everyone, I’m here in Tulum, Mexico, one of my most favorite places anywhere on the planet.

I just wanted to offer a super important reminder you do not have to justify making choices that feel good. It is your birthright to feel good, it is your birthright to experience ease, grace, joy, love, fulfillment, and it’s really important right now to make sure that we understand the difference between feel *****which is seeking something in the external world for a sense of fulfillment. And we know of course that’s not true, it’s not authentic; it’s ****and it’s false. So it’s really important to remember that any choice that you make that allows you to feel good in your life is actually the right choice. And everything in this life is connected thru energy, so when you make choices that feel good for you, that I call higher selfishness, you end up becoming a gift for your family, for your community, for your culture and for the planet.

So, may this beautiful space remind you, we have a sunset here, we got this bird here flying that gets to remind us of how we’re intended to feel.

I’m sending each and every single one of you so many blessings from Tulum, Mexico. Until next time.

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Laura Fredrickson, empowerment specialist reminds you that it is your birthright to experience joy, love and freedom.

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