Efforting vs Allowing

You are either living in a state of "Efforting" or a state of "Allowing". When you are "efforting" you are using your finite energy and your mind to MAKE things happen. We can look around and see that the majority of the Western culture is in this state and we have rampant heart dis-ease to reflect this incongruency to our NATURAL state. It has become "normal", but be mindful that "normal" and "natural" in this case are very different. 

When you are in a state of "allowing" you are co-creating with the Infinite Intelligence that is breathing you and life-ing you. You are allowing the Divine force that is beating your heart, to orchestrate all of the details to assist in the realization of your hearts desires. When you reside in this state, you are operating in the most ultimate efficiency possible, for what could be more efficient than allowing the energy that created YOU in your mother's womb -without her conscious knowing of it? What could be more efficient than the energy that informs the Earth to spin perfectly on It's axis in perfect proximity to a Life giving Sun? Your only job is to be clear about WHAT you want and WHY you want it -all gifts of Free Will - and allow the Universe to handle the WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. You must also reside in appreciation the majority of the time which will allow this Divine Force to articulate Itself in your personal reality in the form of your dreams being realized. ♥

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