Higher Self-ishness

Video Transcription

Hey Everyone,

it’s Laura Fredrickson, I am here in Barcelona and I am at a fourteenth century monastery, and it's breathtakingly beautiful and also very humbling; I can tangibly feel the energy of just lineages and centuries of devotion and commitment to prayer, and to service. 

And I'm of course reflecting on Mother Teresa, whose probably one of the most renowned nuns of our generation. Many of you may know that when her diaries were found, it was discovered that despite her life of service she felt abandoned by God. And I felt very lonely throughout her experience. 

So I'm just really reflecting on so many of us that are in service, and so many of us that are in devotion to nourishing this planet and nourishing others, so it's really essential right now that we remember that to truly be in service to others we have to be coming from a place of nourishment within ourselves. This is what I refer to as “higher selfishness”. And know that everything is connected to energy. So it is energetically impossible to be in service to others and to the planet if you yourself are feeling emotionally bankrupt. 

So be sure to take care of yourself, nourish yourself. Take time out for yourself and just wanted to offer those loving reminders from this incredible, beautiful fourteenth century monastery in Barcelona.

Much love until next.

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