Ingredients for Winning in the Game of Life

Video Transcription

Hey everyone,

I’m here in Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, and I'm just blown away; elevation: awesome. Elevation: epic. Really there are no words to describe the indescribable. And if you see off in the distance you can see steam, and there is an active volcano. This is said to be by the Hawaiians the home of the goddess Pele, who in my opinion is the most powerful creative force right now. Fiery, focused, constantly birthing something new, new land… 

And I got to thinking what is it about our life that can cultivate the most powerful creative force imaginable for us in our heart’s desires. And I realize the profound simplicity of just being present. It's amazing how much we can rob ourselves and how costly it is when we're not present with our lives. So often times people are worried whether that be about money, future problems that don't even exist, or reflecting on their past, shitting on themselves. Should have done this differently with regret; just not being present.

So to me the ingredients for a recipe of profound creativity and enjoying the creative process is of course being present. And I also think that combined with that is gratitude and appreciation for what is. If you have those two ingredients I guarantee you will have a recipe for winning in the truest sense of the word.

Sending so much love to each and every single one of you from the big island of Hawaii. Until next time.

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Filmed at the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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