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There has be in a long standing heritage in our feminine DNA that has had countless women sell out, diminish their own power and acquiesce to assuming roles that are inauthentic.

The most significant form of ‘energetic prostitution’ is in the dynamic that is prevalent with women who are in relationship with men because of money.

I am reflecting on my mother, who negated her own value and worth when she recognized the core mis-alignment in her relationship with my father but didn’t have the courage or confidence to honor her truth and intuition. She choose instead to stay in the relationship even though it wasn’t fulfilling because of a monetary promise my dad made, to take care of her financially.

I believe her Spirit died on that day, when she choose to negate her own path and inspirations and stay in a compromising relationship, for what was inevitably a fleeting sense of security and fulfillment.

Ultimately, she did take her own life in company with my father, because my father convinced her it was the only solution to their money issues.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, I would like to extend deep appreciation for the women who are brave enough to be sovereign, and set a new paradigm and energetic signature for relationship dynamic. Appreciating men, but not needing them and above all, being true to yourself and loving yourself purely, sanely, deeply.

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