Here is what the media won’t tell you….

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, 

it’s Laura Fredrickson; I am here on the Kohala coast in Hawaii finishing up the last few days of a seven month journey all around the world. Starting in Europe I went to Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany, and then flew to London, and then on to Hawaii where I've been for the last couple of months. And it’s been the most amazing adventure. 

I have to say if you want to get over fear and prejudice, get out and see the world. For any of you that may have felt some envy as you saw my posts and my travels, and my adventures, harness that envy and get out. Our time is limited and we can never expect tomorrow to come, and so I'm humbly grateful that I went on my own trust tour, and I went out. And I want to say that everything that you've seen on the media in terms of fear, and people doing bad things, I know that that exists, but the majority of the time the people that you encounter are just like you; they're full of love, they’re wanting joy and an experience of freedom in their lives. 

So get out, see the world, experience the magic that's all around and most importantly that within you.

Sending so much love to each and every one of you from the big island of Hawaii.

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