My Priceless Dream

My life was a nightmare.

I had just lost both of my parents to suicide together over money.

Within 6 months, I lost almost all of the money I had inherited from their estate in the stock market, during the tech collapse.

The remaining money I had, I invested with a private company that had created a Satellite Solar Power technology, whose intention was to shed light (pun intended) on our planets energy crisis. 

After a long stint in the Stock Market and investing in mindless, heartless companies for the sake of profit at any expense. I was elated that I was choosing to invest in something that I believed in.

We were set to go public any day.

And then a week passed…and then another week…

And then a month…

I found myself sitting around the house, near the phone almost every day, in hopes that I would receive the call that would inform me that the company had gone public and I had made my millions. 

I sat and waited.  And then waited some more.

A month passed and then another month…and then another.

And then…

The horror of 9/11 happened.

Shortly after, my home was in foreclosure, and I soon found myself in an abusive relationship.

I had lost everything at this point, and became severely depressed.  I decided I was going to kill myself.

And then, I had a dream….

In my dream, I was running down a dark alley. I remember feeling that I was going the wrong direction, so I turned and starting heading in a different direction.  No sooner had I had turned to go in this new direction than I saw out of the corner of my eye a homeless person and a dog tied up to the rear bumper of a car.  I sensed that the driver had NO IDEA that they were tied up to the car.  I saw the brake lights go on as he started the ignition.  I panicked! I HAD to get his attention before he backed up!!! 

All of a sudden a red delicious apple appeared in my right hand and I threw it as hard as I could to get his attention!  As soon as I released the apple, the car morphed into an ambulance and backed up and ran over the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!

I GASPED and shot straight up in bed, literally GASPING.  Being an AVID dog lover, I was mortified about what I had just seen.

Moments later I realized it was “just” a dream, but there was something about it that was haunting to me.  I couldn’t go back to sleep. I knew on every level of my being that “something” was getting my attention.

The next day, journal in hand, I went for a walk, determined to get to the bottom of it.  I remember asking for clarity and insight. What was the meaning?  It felt very profound.  But absolutely nothing came to me, despite my best efforts.

And then 2 days later, I received the most AMAZING download.  The entire script line poured through me!

Here’s what I received.

Running down a dark alley symbolized being in a situation I didn’t trust.

Turning around and going the other direction represented a new direction in my life.

Cars symbolize our emotional body and I was not in the driver’s seat of mine.

The Homeless person and Dog were tied up to the rear bumper of the car.

The Homeless person represented my greatest fear of being homeless, with my home in foreclosure.

Dogs represents loyalty, in this case I was tied up and loyal to someone/something else.

The red delicious apple – signified the Original Sin, which to me represents the illusion of our disconnection, when we “bit” into the illusion of our powerlessness, our disconnection to Source itself, and our inability to create our lives exactly how we want them to be.

The car morphing into an ambulance and running over the dog – the ambulance represented being rescued.

In essence the message I received so LOUD and CLEAR, is I had tied myself up to the idea of being rescued by something or someone else outside of myself and it was KILLING ME!!

All of this was orchestrated and scripted in the perfect Dream Time story to get my attention!!!


Shortly after my dream, I choose to surrender and let go.

I opened up to my best friend, and shared with her that I had been considering suicide.  Choosing to be transparent with her was one of the most profound gifts of my life.  There were no words shared, she just saw the truth of who I was.  This exchange of being witnessed so truthfully, created a profound shift for me and a pinprick of hope in my heart.

My life begin to open up in amazing ways. Sponsors and ambassadors of well being began to stream into my life.  I started on a path of Self discovery and soon realized that my parents suicide was ultimately a gift in disguise for not only my life but for the millions of people everyday that are committing emotional and literal suicide every day over money! 

I have since authored a book on Priceless Principles and created a Coaching & Consulting organization where I delight in my global mission of restoring a deep sense of our infinite value and our Self worth and reminding us of our connection to the ultimate resource of Source, and the power that resides within each and every one of us. 

I know for sure that the loving intent of Source will find a way to get our hearts attention and communicate with us in a myriad of ways (in our awake dream and our asleep dream), in order to course correct and align us with our most fulfilling life.

I am so grateful that I was listening, and that my nightmare has since shifted to living my dream.

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