It’s Never Too Late to Make Peace with Your Past

Video Transcription

Hey everyone, it’s Laura I'm here on the Big Island of Hawaii ******lava fields, which is an amazing thing to say, and way off in the distance is the active volcano. Haven’t gone to see that yet, but obviously here are the remnants of the most recent volcano that brought about this new land here, and I think that was in the 50’s.

I just wanted to offer, I haven’t been back to Hawaii since my parents lived here. For those of you that may not know, both of my parents took their life over their confusion over money. And I have waited coming back to Hawaii for many years because of the emotions and the feelings that would bring up for me to be here. 

I was recently asked to come to Hawaii to speak at a Flow festival, and so it was actually in the honoring of my gifts that I was able to drive the wisdom that I was able to glean from my experience with my parents actually afforded me the opportunity to come here to Hawaii, and to share those gifts with others. So, amazing full circle realization… 

From this I just wanted to offer the living reminder that each of us has the opportunity to rewrite our past. And everything in life’s a story; most important stories are the ones we’re telling ourselves. So if you feel that you're a prisoner of your past, each of us can free ourselves. We all have the ability and the choice to interpret life in a way that serves us, or in a way that would be a detriment to us. 

So you can flip that script and I encourage you to do so; look for the gifts, see how life has been happening for you, and just when you make a choice to see things in a different light, as Wayne Dyer once said, “when you change the way that you look at things, the things that you look at change”. So it's never too late to have a happy childhood; it's never too late to make peace with your past. So I encourage you to do so.

Sending so much love from Hawaii. Until next time.

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We all have the ability to retell our stories, and in so doing liberate ourselves.

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