Our Recognition of The Power That Lies Within Each of Us


What an incredible time to be alive. I am eternally grateful for my journey and experiences. My soul contract has often been an intense one, but never once have I felt that my signature was forged.

As I look out and acknowledge the vast blessings that are before me now, I reflect on my darkest moments when I felt I couldn’t go on- being on the brink of suicide, destitute, alone, penniless and pointless.

It was during these intimate moments of despair that I encountered the impenetrable light that is always in the recesses of our unimaginable hardships, awaiting , activated when we feel we can’t take another moment.

It is ironically within this darkness, that we can illuminate the illusion that we have been abandoned, and realize we can never truly be deserted by the love that has birthed us into existence.

In these moments of despair – we surrender, and In “giving up” we GIVE IN to the profound creative force that is governing our lives. We begin to acknowledge that this energy is not outside of us and separate, but rather within us, AS US.

From this state of renewed awareness, we can then choose to become the embodiment – a walking temple of Divine Co-creation, symbolizing this Ultimate Union with love, harmony and trust in our everyday lives.

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