Self Mastery

Now is the time for greater Self Mastery.

Life is dishing up
many contrasting experiences for you, for the purpose of informing your newfound “yes”. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how to work with this beneficial server and It’s intent in promoting your greatest fulfillment. After their contrasting experience, most will unconsciously continue to speak about what they didn’t like, and focus on what went “wrong”, which will create more of the same in a different package, courtesy of the magnetic Universe in which we live.

Through this newfound awareness, you have the ability to acknowledge aspects of your personal experience that are no longer serving you.   Your awareness is encouraged through an incredible mechanism called “contrast” which is intended to support your clarity, authentic desires and evolution.

After experiencing contrast in your life, you can use this gift by placing your attention on your newfound clarity – and focus more often than not, on what it is you ARE wanting moving forward. This will guarantee more of these experiences to come your way.

From this state of awareness, you can begin to deliberately decide to face ONLY the aspects of your reality that DO feel good, are life affirming and positive to you and no longer face aspects that are frustrating and unenjoyable to you.

This is the Ultimate form of denial, for in this Vibrational Universe, what you place your attention on will continue to show up in your reality. Facing love and facing appreciation, will surely promote more of the same.

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