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Embrace Change

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Hi this is Laura Fredrickson in the Institute of True Wealth, and I want to talk about the importance of embracing change.

So often people are in resistance to change, and what that ultimately does is of course, cause a lot of suffering. The purpose of change is to actually initiate for you greater fulfillment. Remember: you can’t have your no, and then have your yes; it’s impossible.

So, so many of you are thru your experiences of challenges and trials, and tribulations, you’re actually declaring something new that you’re wanting for yourself. The only way that that can come into your life, is for change to occur.

So I invite you to celebrate change, and acknowledge that it’s actually *****it’s a catalyst for greater fulfillment, and happiness and well being.

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The Gift of Acceptance

Video Transcription

After I found out that my parents had evaded taxes, and that they were supposed to go to the court system and they had told me that they’d made a vow; that they were going to kill themselves and were never going to go under the court system or pay their taxes, I heard a really incredible conversation that my dad was having with my boyfriend at the time and my boyfriend was saying to my dad “How can you be so incredibly selfish, and mess Laura up for the rest of her life, commit suicide and leave her?”

And my dad said, “Who’s more selfish? Us for wanting to end our lives the way that we want to end our lives and leave this planet when we want to leave this planet or her for wanting us to stay here when we don’t want to be here any longer?”

I felt like the opportunity is about true acceptance and about really being present with someone and their experience, and honoring their experience exactly how it’s unfolding.

I felt like it’s a dance to definitely encourage without going into convincing to be really attuned to where someone is in their life experience, and for some people it may absolutely be the time for them to transition and for them to let go; and so the greatest gift you can give to a loved one is to be present and to be available for them.

To have their experience exactly how their having their experience; there is no grater gift than to love someone exactly where they are.

The Gift of Acceptance

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VIDEO Opportunity of Acceptance

 The greatest gift you can give is to be present.

Honor experiences exactly as they are unfolding.