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The Divine

Video Transcription

Divine to me with all things being energy, is an incredible life giving energy that is breathing me and beating my heart, and it is managing all the incredible sounds that I hear right now and this incredible life.

So when I speak of divine I’m just really referring to that life giving benevolent energy that is available to all of us. And there are many labels to put on it: source, great mystery, infinite intelligence, but it’s a benevolent life giving energy that intends our well being.

And I know this, and I’m assured of this because I’ve been ****every single day of my life since I’ve been on the planet, so I’m constantly reminding myself of this incredible energy that I refer to as “The Divine”.


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Each person that comes into your life is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. Just as there is a Law of Gravity, you have a gravitational pull to your consciousness, known as The Law of Attraction, which is validating your inner dialogue with people, circumstances, events and situations.

Each person you encounter on your path is a Divine emanation of YOU~ all aspects of you. If you have someone that irritates you or you find yourself judging, this is a reflection of how you talk to yourself. You can not treat anyone differently, than the way you treat yourself. So when you find yourself provoked by someone’s behavior, this is an invitation for you to utilize your powerful perception – the genesis of your reality – to notice yourself, more often from a place of love and appreciation.

If you notice someone who “seems” to exemplify qualities you wish “you had”, please know that if you spot it, you’ve got it. This is an opportunity for you to notice and appreciate these same qualities in yourself, for there is truly no “other” in this “zero degrees of separation” we exist in, courtesy of Law of Attraction.

Be kind to yourself! This the first most vital step to being able to truly be kind to others.