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The Importance of Patience

Laura shares the Priceless reminder to be patient with ourselves and trust the process.

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Hey everyone, it's Laura with the Institute of True Wealth.

I’m here in Berlin, Germany, and I wanted to talk today about the importance of patience. Yes, patience is a virtue. The reason patience is such a value in our personal journeys is because it just feels better to be patient with ourselves. And to trust universal timing or what I call “the divine timeline”. 

When we’re impatient with ourselves, first and foremost, it doesn't feel good; and secondly, as it relates to results, creating, manifesting, we are attracting based on how we feel. So when we’re impatient with ourselves, when we’re not trusting the process, it creates a restriction and turns us in opposition of the flow of well being. So it's really important to be patient with ourselves, to trust the timing.

Remember that your journey isn't about the manifestation of the thing, it's about how you're feeling in the midst of what you're creating. So when we’re patient we actually bring ourselves into alignment, into harmony, with the natural laws and the principles that are governing manifestation and the creative process itself. So when your patient you bring yourself into alignment and you end up co-creating with this amazing creative force that is responsible for the essence of all of life. 

So enjoy your creative journey, be patient with yourself, and trust the process. Until next time.

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Patience & The Creative Process

​Video Transcription

Hey everyone, it's Laura Fredrickson with the Institute of True Wealth.

I’m up here in Eden, Utah, Summit mountain. Elevation: epic. Elevation: awesome. 

I’m also just amazed at technology; I have more bars and better reception here than I do sometimes in downtown LA so, kudos to that.

Anyway, you can see this amazing view; so blessed. And just wanted to send some of these blessings your way. 

You know I'm always reminded whenever I am in nature of the pace of grace. And I feel like this is something to really integrate into our daily lives. I know a lot of us are in the process of birthing our gifts, sharing them with the world in amazing projects, and sometimes we can get impatient.

I just always look to nature for the potent reminder that there is a divine order; there is a divine timing. And ironically, the more patient we are, and the more we operate and reside in trust, the easier it is for things to manifest and to come to fruition.

So, just a reminder to enjoy the creative process. It's not about the manifestation of the thing, it's not about the destination as we know, it's about the journey. So enjoy your creative journey and most importantly, remember to love yourself. Every relationship in your life is an extension of that choice. 

Much love to each and every single one of you. Until next time.

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