True Love

When we begin to enter into the domain of Self mastery and true sovereignty, and we Real-Eyes that our personal reality is informed ONLY by our perceptions – we can become LOVERS, in the purest sense of the word. We begin to LOVE for LOVE sake. We can relinquish any expectations of another to fulfill or satisfy us – because we understand to feel Love, Fulfillment and Happiness is, and always will be an INSIDE job – a Self Fulfilling Prophecy.
When we begin to understand the symbiotic nature of this vibrational paradise we live in – we Real Eyes that the Ultimate romance lies within. We can begin this courtship by placing our attention on what is vibrant and on what is thriving in our experience. We can begin the for-play of deliberately noticing where we are romancing and being romanced by Life itself. When we begin to deepen our understanding of our vital connection to this infinitely intricate web, we Real-Eyes that every relationship and experience is but an extension and an out picturing of the relationship we have with ourselves. We become liberated in this state, as we no longer need to rely on others to “change” so that we can be happy. We no longer have to subscribe to the “If then/When then” epidemic that something outside of ourselves would have to change for us to experience love. We become the love we wish to see in our world.


Life treats us the way we treat ourselves! Many people are pre-occupied with the notion that the best treatment of themselves is behavior based (yoga, smoothies, massage, etc). These choices are a step in the right direction- just not sustainable if they are not anchored in consistent, love based thoughts. This is the reason so many people vascilate in their ability to stick to their health based goals. Self love originates in thought and consciousness. From this state, we begin to understand that every THING and every ONE is an extension of our inner dialogue. If there is something that we witness that is irritating or challenging to us in another person’s behavior, it becomes an opportunity for us to redirect our thoughts and attention to gratitude and love for ourselves. For many of us, this begins with the profound and ever nurturing choice of acceptance of Self. You are either judging yourself or accepting yourself.

Begin here and expect the Ultimate Romance of a lifetime-where a myriad of amazing people, events and circumstance will begin to reflect for you a state of new found acceptance and love of yourSelf and where every day is Valentine’s Day. There is truly no greater love to be realized or felt, than you loving YOU!


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