Feeling fearful or angry about the election? Here is something you can do about it.

Video Transcription

Hey everyone,

it's Laura, I’m here in Berlin and it's November 13th today, and I am always reflecting about my parents on this day. This is the anniversary of their suicide, dual suicide over their confusion over money. But I would say more importantly as they took their lives because they forgot, they had the ultimate amnesia about really their true value, their innate worth and believing that anything was possible. And so my parents were experiencing a very extreme state of powerlessness. 

The reason I want to do this video today is of course to honor them, but I also want to be able to offer some super urgence loving reminders that this is such a crucial time right now. So many people are experiencing depression and fear and anxiety over the recent election, and this is such an important time for everybody to remember that there is nothing outside of you that is responsible for your own personal reality. You are responsible for that. And anytime that you forget that, and any time that you assign your freedom, your security and your happiness to something outside of yourself, in this case assigning your power to who is president of the United States, it is so incredibly dangerous; not only to your own emotional well being, but also to what is being collectively created. 

So this is such a vital time everyone please use this as an opportunity to reclaim your power. We are in an era of personal empowerment so the opportunity and the choice that you have now is to redirect your attention and words. We are creating from the inside out; this is not spiritual bypass, this is not wishful thinking, but if you study metaphysics you understand that everything in life is energy and your thoughts, your predominant amount of thoughts is what is actually being created in your life energetically speaking.

So all of us are on vibrationalmatch.com

Absolutely nothing good can be created from a state of anger, and rage, and fear. So if you're feeling rageful direct that rage through awareness and really identify what is it that you're angry about. And if you were to really get to the heart of the matter you'd realize that the anger, the frustration, the disappointments, the worry, all stems back to somewhere in your life that you're feeling powerless. Now most people have a falsely assigned their power and their words and their sense of freedom to money; to their jobs and in this case to whoever the president of the United States is. So, I'm electing you as president of your own United States. This is the time that all the prophecies have mentioned. We have two distinct paths right now: those that are choosing from love, and those that are choosing from fear. Are you choosing to be a warrior or a worrier? So, I elect you to be the best version of yourself and remember your attention and your perception is your greatest commodity. 

Sending love to each and every single one of you incredible fellow travelers and deliberate beings. Just remember the truth of who you are. Now is the time.

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