Get Rich Quick: The Power of Appreciation

I’ve had many excuses to not to be thankful in my life – losing both my parents to a dual suicide, losing all of my money in the stock market, having my home in foreclosure, and being in an abusive relationship.

When I realized that I had the ability to tell a better feeling story about my experiences and in so doing, feel better, everything changed!

With this came empowerment. The more empowered I felt, the better my reflections were. And the more evidence I saw of the direct correlation between my stories and what was showing up in my life, the more empowered I became.

What we focus on expands, so what we appreciate, appreciates!

If we are not appreciating our lives, we are judging them, and quite simply it doesn’t feel good to judge. When we judge we rob ourselves of an experience of joy, happiness and love.

Each time we choose to notice what IS working in our life and what we are grateful for we feel better. The good news is – no matter how ‘bad’ we feel our life is, each of us can ALWAYS reach for a better feeling thought.


Four days a week, ideally at the beginning of your day (as it will set the energetic tone for your day) – Notice 3 things you are grateful for in your life – go on a

deliberate hunt for what IS working and write it down.

NO REPEATS! Each time you will notice something new and different, you will deepen and expand what you are calling into your life.

*You will know you are doing this practice right, because it will feel good to notice what you appreciate*

**The only thing that is required for shifts to occur, is to do this the MAJORITY of the time, this is NOT about perfection!**

It takes approximately 17 seconds to activate a vibration so be sure to linger for at

least this long on each of your points.

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