How to Truly Improve Your Relationships!

Remembering that every”thing” in life is but an out-picturing of our perception, it is essential to realize that every relationship is a mere reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

Therefore, the best way to improve and enhance our dynamic with ‘others’ is by showing up more fully for ourselves. For some reason we have been taught that this is ‘selfish’, and that we should take care of others’ needs before our own.

This could not be further from the Truth (meta physically speaking)! When we care for ourselves and step into greater love and acceptance we will receive a massive R.O.I. (ripple of impact) in our experience in the form of loving reflections in our outer world.

It is vital to keep in mind that essential care begins with the thoughts that we think. So often people are fixated on the food they eat and the exercise they are getting (or not getting). Although these elements are vital they are what I refer to as “secondary nutrition”.

Primary nutrition focuses on the thoughts you think and the placement of your attention, which is the birthplace of all that you are creating.

Simple practice:

4 days a week notice what you appreciate about yourself. A quality and an attribute. Best to notice more of your qualities and how you are being, as opposed to what you ‘doing’.

This will assure that you are focusing on your essential worth and value. Keep in mind that your presence is everything and is enough. Your presence being the Ultimate Gift.

As you choose to focus on what is right about you and your Self worth, you will notice in a short amount of time, that you will literally begin to receive these same aspects that you have recognized in yourself, from “others”.

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