Disclaimer -If your dreams are true and you have shifted your results, then IGNORE this post! 😊

This is real talk and not intended for the faint of mind. Having been in this self help industry for nearly 20 years; it is astounding, (yes astounding- 😯) to me how many billions of dollars get spent on self development, yet depression is at an all time high.

Having learned through the school of hard knocks I am excited to solve the mystery as to why your results are not shifting.

What you focus on expands. You can not be focused on what isn’t working, what doesn’t feel good and what you want to change and create new results.

Energetically impossible.

Our ego minds are notorious for wanted to ceaselessly review the past, to become our own Nancy Drew’s and Sherlock Holmes.

In the conventional communities this is referred to as THERAPY. In the spiritual communities, it is known as PROCESSING.

There is no escaping the omnipotent Law of Attraction, that states that what you focus your attention on NOW, is producing a feeling, which is in turn is attracting to you a matched vibrational experience.

In essence, you are attracting based on how you feel NOW. Hence the POWER OF NOW! 💥💥💥

If you do choose to walk down memory lane, do so in celebration for what has come before and harness the powerful gift of contrast – the Ultimate Stimulus Package – to promote your clarity and your new found YES!

From this state of awareness you can now move your greatest commodity- your ATTENTION, to what it is that you DO prefer to create.

Begin to notice what IS working in your life and what is RIGHT about you. ((You do not need to do this 100% of the time. 51% will do, as there is something in Physics known as Momentum that will handle the rest)).

As you place your attention on what it is you prefer and your new found YES, you will feel HEAPS better which is the greatest benefit of all.

Keeping in mind that you are attracting based on how you feel, as you feel better, in a short amount of time, TRUE shifts are bound to occur and with that the manifestation of your dreams and hearts desires.







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