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It’s Time To Come Alive

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​Hey everyone, it’s Laura Fredrickson of the Institute of True Wealth, and I want to give you an important absolutely vital reminder that it is so incredibly valuable that you honor yourself, that you be you. 

We’re at time of authentic abundance; the actual health well being of our planet is so reliant on our ability to honor our own gifts, talents, abilities, and to be expressing that. If you are not expressing that, and you’re feeling like you are just flat lining in your life and you don’t have energy and enthusiasm, I guarantee it’s because there’s an incredibly talented gifted aspect of you, an area that you’re wanting to share your gifts, talents, abilities and love with others and you are not doing that; and it’s actually holding you down.

And when you can start to just share that little by little, don’t compare yourself to others; comparison is the most horrible emotional cancer you can possibly give to yourself. You have to actually start from a place of “What is it that I can do? What is it that is priceless about me? What’s invaluable about me?” return to the essence of who you are.

Reallocate your focus from “What am I doing? What can I do to be a benefit?” and come back to who you’re being. Because it’s about being the change you wish to see in the world. It’s not about doing the change you wish to see in the world.

One of my favorite quotes by Howard Thurmanis “Don’t ask what the world needs to come alive; ask what you need to come alive and then go do that”. Because what the world needs is for each and every single one of us to be alive, and the best way for us to be alive is to just honor and share the essence of who we truly are. And there is that in you, so if there’s any part of you that wonders or doubts “I don’t really have any talents, I don’t really have anything to share”, it’s absolutely a lie, you are hallucinating. It’s the simple act of just being present, and just following your heart. When you follow your heart and you share from that place abundance abounds.

We are intended to actually be doing what comes easiest to us and your path and your experience actually is what is in form your unique gifts, characters and abilities. So I invite you to just really choose that, it starts with putting this stuff on the ground and saying “You know what? I decide from now on to honor my gifts”.

And when you choose that, the universe conspires and starts to drop energetic bread crumbs in your path, and you start to realize and remember ways in which you can share your gifts, ways in which you can give back. And you just start to honor that little by little. And it makes such an effect and such a change.

So I want to honor you as a fellow traveler, I know how difficult it is sometimes to rise to the occasion, sometimes we get caught up and sort of shaking hands of mediocrity, but I invite you to consider this question: “If you knew you had it all, if you knew that you are absolutely already perfect and whole (because the universe doesn’t make mistakes, you are here for a reason), what would you do then?”

So get rid of having to decide, having to find out “I need this”, what I call the “if then, when them” syndrome, if I can do this, if I get this degree then I can just honor what you have now and move forward from that place. You’ll be amazed at how much better it feels and you’re attracting based on how you feel, so winning combination…

Much love, until next time.

The Divine

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Divine to me with all things being energy, is an incredible life giving energy that is breathing me and beating my heart, and it is managing all the incredible sounds that I hear right now and this incredible life.

So when I speak of divine I’m just really referring to that life giving benevolent energy that is available to all of us. And there are many labels to put on it: source, great mystery, infinite intelligence, but it’s a benevolent life giving energy that intends our well being.

And I know this, and I’m assured of this because I’ve been ****every single day of my life since I’ve been on the planet, so I’m constantly reminding myself of this incredible energy that I refer to as “The Divine”.

Looking for a reason to be happy and grateful?

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What’s up beautiful people? It’s Laura; happy Friday, here in Berlin.

I wanted to just share the priceless reminder of the importance of being grateful for the gift of life. Oftentimes we’re looking for reasons to be happy, reasons to be grateful, and I thought it important to just bring it back to the very basics of gratitude, and the gift of life itself. 

There's millions of people that do not have the privilege of waking up today. So let's just begin with the gratitude for our life and how you choose spend the gift to this day. 

Sending you so much love from Berlin, and I wish you an amazing weekend. Until next time.

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Realizing the Gifts within our Struggles

Our Recognition of The Power That Lies Within Each of Us


What an incredible time to be alive. I am eternally grateful for my journey and experiences. My soul contract has often been an intense one, but never once have I felt that my signature was forged.

As I look out and acknowledge the vast blessings that are before me now, I reflect on my darkest moments when I felt I couldn’t go on- being on the brink of suicide, destitute, alone, penniless and pointless.

It was during these intimate moments of despair that I encountered the impenetrable light that is always in the recesses of our unimaginable hardships, awaiting , activated when we feel we can’t take another moment.

It is ironically within this darkness, that we can illuminate the illusion that we have been abandoned, and realize we can never truly be deserted by the love that has birthed us into existence.

In these moments of despair – we surrender, and In “giving up” we GIVE IN to the profound creative force that is governing our lives. We begin to acknowledge that this energy is not outside of us and separate, but rather within us, AS US.

From this state of renewed awareness, we can then choose to become the embodiment – a walking temple of Divine Co-creation, symbolizing this Ultimate Union with love, harmony and trust in our everyday lives.