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Here is what the media won’t tell you….

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Hey everyone, 

it’s Laura Fredrickson; I am here on the Kohala coast in Hawaii finishing up the last few days of a seven month journey all around the world. Starting in Europe I went to Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany, and then flew to London, and then on to Hawaii where I've been for the last couple of months. And it’s been the most amazing adventure. 

I have to say if you want to get over fear and prejudice, get out and see the world. For any of you that may have felt some envy as you saw my posts and my travels, and my adventures, harness that envy and get out. Our time is limited and we can never expect tomorrow to come, and so I'm humbly grateful that I went on my own trust tour, and I went out. And I want to say that everything that you've seen on the media in terms of fear, and people doing bad things, I know that that exists, but the majority of the time the people that you encounter are just like you; they're full of love, they’re wanting joy and an experience of freedom in their lives. 

So get out, see the world, experience the magic that's all around and most importantly that within you.

Sending so much love to each and every one of you from the big island of Hawaii.

Looking for a reason to be happy and grateful?

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What’s up beautiful people? It’s Laura; happy Friday, here in Berlin.

I wanted to just share the priceless reminder of the importance of being grateful for the gift of life. Oftentimes we’re looking for reasons to be happy, reasons to be grateful, and I thought it important to just bring it back to the very basics of gratitude, and the gift of life itself. 

There's millions of people that do not have the privilege of waking up today. So let's just begin with the gratitude for our life and how you choose spend the gift to this day. 

Sending you so much love from Berlin, and I wish you an amazing weekend. Until next time.

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Shaken Awake

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Hi everyone, it's Laura Fredrickson in the Institute of True Wealth.

I want to talk about the potent age between 27 and 35. If you're that age frame right now and you feel like you're going through a really tumultuous time, I want you to know that you're exactly where you need to be. This is what's often referred to as Saturn return, and the way that I like to describe this is this is a time in our lives were we’re shaken awake; where we go through really intense experiences.

For me and my Saturn return I lost both my parents to suicide, I know a lot of people have experienced car accidents or they've ended really long term relationships. They’ve had to move change jobs, occupations. It is a time that is so powerful, and the purpose and the intention of this time is to shake you awake, which is to say, to have you go through these experiences that are very unsettling so that you can actually connect with the true source of your security, happiness, and to connect with your own power. 

So, often times people say “Oh my God, I just feel like the rug is being pulled out from underneath me”. When you realize that you're the rug, then there's no way for the rug to get pulled out from underneath you.

So really use this time as an opportunity to clarify what really matters to you, what's really important. It's a chance for you to start to really direct your life from a meaningful place. And sometimes we have to go through these types of traumatic experiences so that we remember what we need to remember.

It's almost as though for our souls and our spirits to recognize itself in this human form, we have to go through those once again, what seems like very intense experiences of heart ache and tragedy, and perceived loss; but it's ultimately a gift delivered to you, your greatest awareness, your greatest understanding of yourself, and can support you to have a very solid energetic foundations to architect the rest of your life.

So celebrate it and know that you're exactly where you need to be. Learn to harness your experiences in the way that their intended which is to deliver to you greater clarity and ultimately greater fulfillment. 

Until next time.

The Gift of My Parents Suicide

Gift of my Parents Suicide

I am guessing many, who read this, will consider a tribute to suicide “crazy”. For the thought of gratitude, amidst the sorrow that most relate with suicide is, in the truest sense of the word, unreasonable. But I am not here to reason with anyone. Instead I offer my transparency and my unwavering knowing, that ALL that has come to pass in my life has happened for me and not to me and is truly perfect.

Despite past remnants of my delusional ego that have wanted to scream otherwise, I can now recognize zero degrees of separation in all that has unfolded in my life. I realize, in what I call my “20/20 Real-Eyes-ations”, that my cocoon of circumstances were created as a Divine ploy for me to become a butterfly. With all things being connected,my story and my parents story, becomes your story and our collective story. It is intended as a “wake up” call- an instigator for awareness, trans-formative realizations and ultimate flight – a potent reflection of our collective cocoon of circumstances that is seeking to transform us into butterflies.

Within my Real-Eyes-ations lives authentic gratitude on a soulular level for all that has happened for me in my life.


It takes 3 to have a child. My parents “ushered” me in, along with my Free Will to be here, but behind the scenes there was a Universal plot. A Divine Drama if you will, with “characters” that were perfectly cast to fulfill their roles, of which my parents were worthy of an “academy award” for their performances. It is apparent to me that the alchemical blend of their choices, were the perfect recipe for my soul to recognize itself. From this awareness, I am able to see and fulfill my life’s mission, in the only variable that is me.

All of this, I believe has been orchestrated by the Divine Conspiracy of which I am an accomplice, to promote the remembrance of my true essence and value and facilitate this awareness in others. You too are an accomplice to this Divine Conspiracy ~ for your eyes have graced these words, intimately bound by the fabric of our co-creative web.


On a day that is traditionally filled with celebration and best-case scenarios, my parents were imagining worst-case scenario. At age 21 and 22, they made a morbid vow to evade taxes and to decide to kill themselves if they ever got caught. Where there is typically a Union of love-based promises, my parents decided to divorce from their own hearts and create a survival strategy to assure that they could afford to take care of an unexpected me.


30 years later, my parents lay down next to each other in a tent in the wilderness, near a small Colorado mountain town. The first signs of winter had dusted the ground and there was a definite chill in the air. As my parents crawled into their tent, they were not alone. They had with them all of the necessary ingredients for a recipe of everlasting sleep: Mental anguish and despair over money, an impenetrable will and emotional bond, a bottle of Vodka and sleeping pills,a Dr. Kevorkian book on How To Die, a CD player and Celtic music, a threatening note to anyone who attempted to resuscitate them and a goodbye letter to me.

9 months later, their bodies were found. I am told that they were in their favorite position, my father on his back – my mother curled up on his left side. I suspect they both checked out way before their bodies did – unable to stay connected within such a disconnected choice. I can not even begin to imagine what they went through knowing this would be the last time they would be in each others arms and alive in their bodies. With my mother’s head on my father’s chest, I can feel so deeply, how she must have felt, realizing the finality of their choice, when she listened to my father’s heart… beat slow to silent.


Mom and dad, I am humbled to be honoring you, as I begin to deliver the profound teaching of your suicide over money to the masses. Your choice is the ultimate zeitgeist of our time with so many millions ending their lives and committing emotional suicide over money, every day. It is in reverence to your sacrifice that I am in devotion to supporting the collective consciousness to shift their fundamentally flawed relationship to money. Thank you for delivering to me the heart wisdom to support people to begin to create lives that are truly valuable to themselves and others and to realize their birthright of love, joy, ease and grace. Your sacrifice will fulfill its role of catalyzing a profound shift on this planet of a remembrance of our true value and Self worth beyond our net worth.

Laura Fredrickson © 2014