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Let Go Of Perfection

Video Transcription

Hi everyone,

it’s Laura Fredrickson of the Institute of True Wealth and I’m here in**** on another beautiful amazing day.

And I just had an incredible experience of irritation because I’m so absolutely committed to sharing my gifts and sharing my heart, and sometimes I get really caught up in this supreme state of perfection and it ends up just absolutely chocking and asphyxiating me in my own creativity, and talents, and willingness and desire to share my heart.

So if you can relate to this in any way, I just want to invite you to consider where in your life are you holding yourself to such supreme standards that you’re actually not showing up for your gifts, and sharing them.

And I’m telling you we’re in an era of authentic abundance; it is so vital that every single one of us just takes one step forward whatever that is to share your gifts, to share your wisdom, to share your teachings, to share your love, and when you do that it opens up a channel, like right now I feel so much better than I did ten minutes ago micromanaging how I was going to shoot this video, and what was going to be right, and my dear friend and videographer Hunter and I are just like “arggg”, it’s like “you know what? Just let it all go!” Just show up and be authentic and allow yourself to express and things flow from that place.

So let go of perfection, honor your progress, realize that life is a process, it’s a practice, be patient to yourself, with yourself, and operate from a higher perspective. And when you can come from that place you interact with life in such a better space, you end up being kind to yourself, it feels better, there’s nothing more valuable to you than how you feel, and you’ll be amazed at about how much productivity you actually can offer from that place of pure authenticity.

Have an amazing day.

Ingredients for Winning in the Game of Life

Video Transcription

Hey everyone,

I’m here in Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, and I'm just blown away; elevation: awesome. Elevation: epic. Really there are no words to describe the indescribable. And if you see off in the distance you can see steam, and there is an active volcano. This is said to be by the Hawaiians the home of the goddess Pele, who in my opinion is the most powerful creative force right now. Fiery, focused, constantly birthing something new, new land… 

And I got to thinking what is it about our life that can cultivate the most powerful creative force imaginable for us in our heart’s desires. And I realize the profound simplicity of just being present. It's amazing how much we can rob ourselves and how costly it is when we're not present with our lives. So often times people are worried whether that be about money, future problems that don't even exist, or reflecting on their past, shitting on themselves. Should have done this differently with regret; just not being present.

So to me the ingredients for a recipe of profound creativity and enjoying the creative process is of course being present. And I also think that combined with that is gratitude and appreciation for what is. If you have those two ingredients I guarantee you will have a recipe for winning in the truest sense of the word.

Sending so much love to each and every single one of you from the big island of Hawaii. Until next time.

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Filmed at the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Honoring Your Gifts

Video Transcription

I know that there’s a lot of people right now that are diseased because they’re not feeling on path, they’re not feeling that they are authentically sharing their gifts, and I’m reflecting on a time on my experience where once again, everything showed up in the form of money. I didn’t have enough money; I couldn’t even afford toilet paper, that’s how broke I was.

That’s how upstream I was in my own current of well being and I was doing everything but honoring my true authentic gifts; which is questioning my heart wisdom in the form of what we would call couching, but at the time I was doing all these different things and it was the second time in my life where I considered suicide.

And I was deeply depressed; once again I reached up to a friend and I authentically shared what was going up for me, and a book appeared, another book showed up in my life; and I opened this book up and right in the center section of this book it posed three questions: “If you had six months left to live, where would you be, who would you be with, and what would you be doing?”

And I remember telling my friend that if I’d left the doctor’s office and the doctor told me I had six month left to live, I would feel relieved. That’s how exhausted I was with my life; so exhausted.

And he said “well, you’re not going to off yourself, are you? Because you actually know that that’s not really officially an out. You’re just going to recycle back all over again to do it all over again”. And I said “No, I’m not going to off myself”, and he said “So stay in that emotional place”.

Where would you be and what would you be doing. And I had such a profound realization that I would write a spirit memoir about my life, and I would coach. And in that moment I made a commitment to the divine and I made a commitment to my own heart, that I was going to honor that completely, and I sort of made an ultimatum because I was pissed off before that. I felt like, “Why would I not just be given the things that I was needing?” and I was actually taking a path of what I thought was service, but there was still a piece that was missing. And I wasn’t really honoring my authentic gifts and so I really stepped into that and within a month’s time everything shifted for me; and I was really having the courage to step into that and really to leap into that place of honoring my gifts and since then my life has been incredibly abundant.

So that’s a very important piece.